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G-Scott - Numb (Unplugged Remix)

FowL - Spark Up

Jarren Benton - Freebasing With Kevin Bacon

Tomi Jones ft. Magazeen - Clothes Off

Centri ft. Blaq Poet & SupaStar Straps - That's Why I Rap Like This


Rapper's Organization Sends $1.5M Worth of Humanitarian Aid to Kosovo

Rapper/producer Filip Filipi, founder and president of student organization 28.Jun, announced the arrival of $1.5M worth of humanitarian aid in Gracanica, Kosovo marking the successful completion of the "Boj Za Kosovo" campaign. The project was initiated 9 months earlier after the launch of Filip's song titled "Kosovka" in October of 2011. The initiative resulted in Serbian communities in over 80 cities across 30 different countries to unite in a joint effort to send humanitarian assistance to their homeland. 28.Jun also received support via social media; most notably from tennis world champ Novak Djokovic, NBA legend Vlade Divac, Oscar-nominated director Emir Kusturica and rap super group Beogradski Sindikat. 
The next initiative is already in the works, aiming to deliver $5M worth of aid to Serbian people in Serbia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Kosovo and Krajina. 

28.Jun is a student-driven Serbian organization engaged in political, social and philanthropic functions pertaining to Serbian interests.

Nappy Roots - Sh!ts Beautiful Mixtape

2 Of Diamonds - Birthday


Tuesday, June 26


Roccett - Waddup (Prod. Dae One)

Model Cyn Santana

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Wes Coas & International O - Blues Brothers

DJ Pain 1 ft. I-20, Rain, Money B, Range, Scott Knoxx & David Yang - Love This City


Redboyy Q & A

We're here with Atlanta rapper Redboyy. If people could only hear one song of yours, what would it be - - and where could it be found?
Umm..I would say "another day, another dalla" , that was a deep record on my "Smoke & Lean Vol.1" mixtape on @Redboyy @DJBobbyBlack

Who has been some of your musical influences and inspirations both growing up and during your journey in the industry?
In no order, B.I.G., Jay-Z , Jadakiss, 2Pac, Andre 3000, Pimp C, Bun B, Diddy and Jermaine Dupri just to name a few that I've been rocking with for years. I'm inspired by a lot people old and new music, I'm a learning bug, mainly those who have a true passion for music.

Is Redboyy planning a tour? If so, any details you can share?
Yeah, we're still working out the details so stay tuned. I post everything on my twitter and facebook. Anybody looking to book me can contact me directly, let's work a date.

What advice would you give to other up and coming artists who want to pursue a career in music?
Work! Go 'head! Do it! But you gotta' be serious, consistent and hungry. It's hard work, as hard as you make it. But if thats what you "really" want, then why not? YOLO! The world is yours!

What's the best way for people to keep up with you?
I'm on twitter @Redboyy, @Bullybreedpro of course, I'm a big facebook junky too, so "Like" my artist page "Redboyy Blackmann" and "Bully Breed Productionz" oh yea, like my dog page "my g" lol.

Last words for our readers?
Yes. Dont forget to add me on all your favorite social networks, as mentioned, I'm a people person, I wanna' know what the people want!

Convertible Curt - Feels So Good

Laroo ft. J.Banks - ROLL THE DICE

40 GLOCC - Whole Lotta

Slim Dollars Listening Session With Rocawear

For the Record, A Documentary on The Beat Junkies


50 Cent - Complicated

@EMETakeover Chief Keef Debut NYC Performance at S.O.B.'s

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Wes Coas - #CriticalHustleMixtape

Wes Coas releases a 8-track mixtape out of nowhere to hold fans over until the album drops
"Styles Davis EP: If Miles Could Talk" drops July 24th.


WTF Is Molly?

Who is Molly and Where Did She Come From?
By Mike Andrews

From rap’s well-known druggies like Juicy J (‘Molly in my veins, got my heart beatin’
like a drum’) to its international superstars like Kanye (‘Somethin’ bout Mary, she gone
off that Molly’), it seems like Molly is on everyone’s mind.MDMA, or “Molly”, is closely related to ecstasy, which is its pill form. It boosts theserotonin in the user and gives way to a higher energy level, higher sexual intimacy level,and an intensification of the bodily senses.
One of the characteristics of the drug that has made it so popular in the music industry is the fact that research has shown that when on MDMA, an individual has a much stronger reception to the quality of music in one’s surroundings.
For that reason, molly and ecstasy have been huge in the rave scene for quite some time. The flashing lights, intense bass lines and crowded clubs only intensify the effects of the drug.

But for some reason, the rap world has recently become extremely interested in the party drug.
To understand why the drug has become prevalent in hip-hop culture takes an understanding of the Electronic Dance Music genre that has been taking the radio airwaves and concert arenas by storm.
While the drug is by no means a generalization of every person who listens to or performs in one of the sub-genres of electronic dance music, it is no secret that many partygoers and listeners are huge fans of molly at the clubs, raves and concerts. These outlets have only gained popularity in the last few years due to the crossover into different genres.

EDM and its sub-genres focus on synthesizers, heavy bass and many different electronic-sounding structures. In a rap sense, think of a producer who can make a beat so compelling and with so many different elements that there is no real need for vocals.

In the rap and r&b world, however, artists are taking beats of this style and adding the vocal element to it. While there was no real start, I began to see the acceptance into pop culture when the Black Eyed Peas came out with their single “Boom Boom Pow”. Their album “The Beginning” had many elements of electronic music within it and had three successful singles on the airwaves. From then on, it seems like the style of music has had a ton of crossover appeal in many different genres.

If you look at the Billboard Top 100 singles in the USA right now, it features eight songs in the top 20 that have some semblance to EDM music; and six of those also appear on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart.
While club/party songs in rap music in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s consisted of songs like Run DMC’s “My Adidas”, Mase’s “Feel So Good” and Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” respectively, the club songs in the new decade consist of songs like Flo-Rida’s “Good Feeling”, Rihanna’s “We Found Love”, and Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”.

Flo-Rida’s “Good Feeling” was one of the first rap songs that I’ve noticed to directly sample a song from the EDM genre. The song’s chorus takes a sample from Avicii’s “Levels”. And I don’t think I need to explain how big of an impact that song had on the radio and in the clubs.

Club and party songs in the hip-hop genre have always been criticized for their lack of lyricism, but they are essential for the culture as it brings in those who otherwise wouldn’t listen to rap. So while they all are unified in that fact, the thing that has been separating radio singles lately is that there is a heavy EDM influence on the songs. And with that EDM influence, the lifestyle is going to have a bit of crossover, too.

And that brings us to why Molly has been so prevalent in the lyrics of many rap songs in the past few months. It’s kind of odd to hear rappers talking about drugs that are not marijuana, cocaine and
codeine. But then again, I never thought I’d hear artists like Steve Aoki sampling Kid Cudi songs and artists like Jay and Kanye sampling Flux Pavilion in their song “Who Gon Stop Me”.

This article isn’t meant to be any criticism or praise for the use of molly or the presence of it in hip hop culture, but rather to serve as a quasi-explanation for people like this who
are left clueless from the references.
It’s amazing how popular the EDM culture has become in the United States and how much of an impact it’s had not only on club songs, but on street singles, as well. As I’m writing this, I just saw a Jae Millz song with 2 Chainz drop called “Molly”.

So is this the next step for rap music? Instead of songs that set the mood to smoke, will it
be songs to roll to?

It’s all up in the air, but the impact that EDM has had on hip-hop is definitely clear.


Clinton Sparks Vs. Semisonic - Closing Time (Awesome Remix)


G-Scott - Only Human (Prod. By DoLa)

Waxx - Ask About Me

CLOUD 9 - (DEJA VU The Cover Experience)

Inline image 2
"The experience of deja vu is normally attributed to a sense of familiarity accompanied with a feeling of  the uncanny, perfectly describing the listening experience of the long anticipated first project from the DMV's own Cloud 9. By both pushing the envelope  musically while nostalgically reincarnating some of our favorite tunes, Cloud 9 manages to reach new heights and redefine the concept of the "cover song". Whether by breathing new life into some of our favorite classics or completely altering the genre of some of today's most popular songs, Cloud 9 combines youthful exuberance and a musical maturity well beyond their years to create a window to the past while giving us a glimpse into the future. Download it, burn it, give it to a friend and join the ever growing crowd that can't wait to see what they do next, again. Experience Deja Vu."

1. Deja Vu Feat. Jinahie & DJ Drama
2. Interlude
3. I'm On One
4. Sugar We're Going Down
(Co-Produced By Godfather)
5. DJ Dirty Yella Mash-Up
6. Rolling In The Deep Feat. Lysette Titi Of BackYard Band
(Bridge Vocals By Mariam)
7. See You In My Nightmares
8. Crazy Feat Ari Lennox
9. Power
10. Till The World Ends (DreamTeam Remix) Feat Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha & Nakia Renee
11. Sunglasses At Night Feat Lightshow
(Co-Produced By "O" King Beats)
12. Pandemonium Feat Darren Hanible
13. What A Wonderful World (Live At The Strathmore)
14. Just The Two Of Us (Dubstep Mix)
15. Sugar We’re Going Down (Extended Crank)

*Bonus Track - For My City Feat Fat Trel, Boobe, & S. Smoke

Rakim Reebok Classics Interview

MMG - Self Made 2 Full Album Stream

Pimp C - In Tyler TX

He got the lil gal number without missing a beat though.