Friday, September 28

Aaron Cohen - MURK

1.Hate This [prod. Infinite Jeanius] 03:28
2.Stanley Kubrick (feat. G4SHI) [prod. Alex Klinger] 03:16
3.Mess With Us [prod. Yuri Beats] 02:32
4.Hellen Keller [prod. Infinite Jeanius] 03:19
5.They Don't Understand [prod. Black Noi$e] 03:05
6.Look What They Done To My Song, Ma (feat. Scribes) [prod. Mario Irigoyen] 03:16
7.Forget It (feat. Kyle Rapps) [prod. $1 Bin] 03:02
8.From Seattle to the Trap [prod. Infinite Jeanius] 03:13
9.So What [prod. Kudra Fudra] 02:59
10.Feminist [prod. A$AP Ty] 01:59
11.Religion [prod. Yuri Beats] 04:43
12.Thirsty [prod. Tee Waffles] 02:49
13.Lie, Cheat & Steal (feat. Shady Blaze) [prod. Nem270] 02:43
14.Unemployment (feat. Abgohard & Spaceman) [prod. NDLDRP] 03:57
15.What You Done For Me Lately? (feat. Supa Sortahuman) [prod. L.W. Hodge] 02:39
16.Wasting Time [prod. Ryan Hemsworth] 02:36