Sunday, February 19

Gabe Luchiano Q & A

You stated in Hip-Hop Weekly that your music was "real life, real struggle, real pain," what are some subjects you touch on that are underrepresented?
Nothing is new under the sun, but my music represents the hustle, hurt, pain and dreams of strugglers and sufferers everywhere in the world, but I rep for the have-nots! And I look and listen to the music that's out now at the present and I'm disgusted of how far Hip-Hop has fell off. The lyrical and emotional content is weak and unrelateable. It’s a nationwide recession and rappers are bragging about driving Bentleys and Porches! I can't co-sign that movement! So in my music I purposely wear my emotions on my sleeve and give the listeners the good and bad side of any hustler’s plight and dreams of gaining financial wealth in this Doggy Dog World we call America! So that is what I feel is extremely underrepresented in today’s Hip-Hop and that is what I give to the World through my lyrics! 

Where have you sold the most music outside of Boston?
Outside of Boston, I sell well in the New Hampshire and Maine areas. The demand for urban music is very high in these suburban cities. When I perform at these local clubs/venues, before, during and after shows I sell a good amount of cds. My next goal is to have the consumers buy my music digitally so Music Executives everywhere can see my growing demand and take notice of me.

Speaking of shit regular people do, did you bet on the Super Bowl?
I did bet on the Super Bowl. I lost money and bottles of liquor to my homeboys in New York! I'm a die hard New England Patriots fan. So for us to lose 2 Super Bowls in a row and at the hands of Giants hurts even worse. You can't imagine the pain I feel! (Laughing.) But I have the ut-most faith in Tom Brady. He's the best Quarterback in the league, I'm sure we'll be back to hoist that Lombardi Trophy in the air one more time! PATRIOTS 4 LIFE!!!

Do you think Benzino has been the most influential figure on the Boston Hip-Hop scene?
Yes, along with Bobby Brown and Free (Formally of 106 and Park,) Benzino is one of the top 3 most influential figures in Boston's Hip-hHp scene, period. Benzino co-founded the Hip-Hop Bible aka The Source Magazine to help showcase a genre of music which at the time the world ignored and called ignorant noise. He believed in his dream of bringing the world a magazine to report, promote and showcase urban talent. So him being from Boston motivates myself and other local artists to let us know that we have to keep chasing our dreams and make it become reality no matter where we are from! His endeavors are vital to the Hip-Hop genre. His companies continuously breathe burning air on this fire we call HIP-HOP!!!

Who’s the most popular non local artist in Boston? What are they playing on the radio?
The most popular artists in Boston are the artist that the pop radio continuously plays a million times an hour. Independent artists such as myself have to find underground/college radio stations who will play talented indie artists. It’s a struggle, but no goal is achieved with struggle and perseverance. I'm willing to fight this battle. 

What's your next move career wise?
My next career moves are to spread my music videos via the internet and map out a nationwide tour to touch the masses. I have connected with people who possess the ability to help attach me with the top urban Hip-hop websites across the country, also with college and independent radio stations as well. So as long as my music is up to standards, sky is the limit for Gabe Luchiano and my movement! 

How active are you on social media? What's something good for your career that's come from Twitter or Facebook?
Social Media Networks are everything to an artist since the creation of the internet. With the right promotion/marketing plan and a little bit of luck and skill, an artist on Mars and can spread his awareness to people on Jupiter. Twitter and FaceBook can promote artists to a plateau of unknown heights if used wisely. Many artists network and market their music via these media sites and gain an audience of followers who help spread their names across the world. These are my intentions of Twitter and Facebook. Follow me on Twitter @Gabeluchiano or FaceBook GabeLuchiano.

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