Sunday, February 26

Veedo Rich - Money Calling

Dripped Up Wed @ 4:20

20 Rock Albums Every Rap Fan Should Own

By Mike Andrews
The following are the top 20 rock albums that I think any fan of rap music should have. There’s a lot of reasons for why each album should be owned by everybody, but more specifically, these albums really paved the way for a lot of the lyrical value and production of many rap albums over the years.
There’s definitely some albums that aren’t going to be surprises, but you’ll see a few shockers on the list. If you have an open mind, you’ll probably enjoy most of them. If you’re already a big rock fan, you might disagree with my order or even the inclusion of some of the albums on this list. It’s okay. If you’re new to rock, some of these albums are going to strike you as odd.
You really should listen to these 20 albums at some point in your life; but if you don’t get to all 20, at least pick a few out that look interesting and give them a spin. When you’re done, you will have a much better appreciation of everything else you listen to.
And that’s a guarantee.  

Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

EP: Hodgy Beats "Untitled"
1. Bullshittin' Produced by Juicy J
2. Cookie Coma Produced by The Alchemist
3. Lately Produced by Flying Lotus
4. Samurai Produced by Jonti Danimals
5. In A Dream Produced by The Alchemist
6. Ave. Produced by Thelonious Martin
7. Lamented Produced by Flying Lotus
8. If Heaven Is A Ghetto Produced by Thelonious Martin
9. Higashi Loves You

@EMETakeover Presents Gunplay & Torch Full NYC Show

The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) presents: Best of Both Offices x Complex Magazine x Skullcandy full Gunplay & Torch of MMG performance at Gramercy Theatre. They performed "Rollin", "Bogota", "Uptown" and more.