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Dub-G feat. Eclipse! - I'm On

T-Y Green aka Green St. Gooch - Fuck 'Em All

Tyga - Careless World Review

A Bit Delayed but Still Delivers

Was it really a surprise that Young Money pre-shipped albums with an uncleared sample on it? After Weezy’s problems with Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV, it’s just to be expected. But unfortunately for Tyga, his album “Careless World” didn’t even get to hit shelves before the controversy hit the camp. 
With retailers sending their shipments back two days before the scheduled release date, Careless World was only available digitally through Itunes or other online music sites. But as the numbers have come out, Tyga still managed to crack the top five on the Billboard Charts selling almost 65,000 copies. 
Not bad for an album that wasn’t even in stores. 
I waited to write this review until I could physically have the copy in my hand (as I still refuse to buy an album off Itunes, which is a completely different story in itself), and today was the day that most retailers received their shipment of the CDs without the excerpt of a Martin Luther King, Jr. speech on the opening track. 
I was pleasantly surprised that it was worth the wait. 
The album plays somewhat like a dream with mellow soothing beats cluttered along with gangsta tracks in between. The interludes serve as good placeholders mellowing things out before getting right back into the style that is one of the youngest members of Young Money. 
The album’s guest features are never too much, which is surprising with 16 guest artists on 21 different tracks. The standout guest appearances are Chris Brown on “For the Fame” which I guarantee will be playing on every radio station in the hot summer months, and the exquisite verse by Nas on “King & Queens” alongside Wale, as well. 
There are some bold moves made on this album that could keep some of the tracks from gaining airplay. A trend that’s been seen in a few rap albums recently is switching the beat at a point in the song. “Potty Mouth” sees a much harder and faster beat to go along with the verse from one of the newest Young Money signees, Busta Rhymes. “Love Game” also sees an electronic/dubstep beat breakdown at the end of the nearly eight minute track. Both changes actually work out pretty well and serve to better the track instead of just being a gimmick. 
“Careless World” is nothing too deep or thought provoking, but the production on the album is really what makes the mark. Tyga is by no means a bad lyricist, but his content and style have something to be desired. But with what he’s got placed along the production on songs like “Muthafucka Up” and “Rack City”, it all just seems to work. 
The main thing about this album is its repeat value. Since purchasing it, I’ve found myself listening to it nearly three times already; which is more than I can say for most albums lately. It’s by no means a classic or even one of Cash Money’s finest albums; but this is definitely an unexpectedly great listen. 
Key Tracks: Muthafucka Up, Careless World, For the Fame

Rating: 8/10 

By Mike Andrews

Cormega Live @ Darkroom in Chicago

Stay Humble Ent/Glacier City Ent/Urban Shake Magazine brought Cormega to the Darkroom in Chicago this past weekend. Phil G, Onis, Lungz, Voyce G.I. GO and D. Mose opened the show and Mega shut it down with a few of his classics. Be on the lookout for the Onis feat. Cormega & Lungz collab soon.

Lungz - Good Life

If you in the 'Go, be sure to catch Lungz in concert as he opens for LEP Bogus Boys at Shrine on March 7th.


Willie The Kid ft. S-Class Sonny - Goodfellas

Jon Black - Still Look Good (Verse)

The Official Blog for #FMGISTHESHIT Has launched.The blog will also have video footage, in depth interviews, and any news regarding the Compilation.#FMGISTHESHIT is the name of the compilation EP to be released by Flycat Music Group & ThaFixx on April 4th.
#FMGISTHESHIT Will feature: International O, Wes Coas, T.A., Jon Black, Swagga P, Krumwell, & 7th Letter

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Building Cathedrals..

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Talent Couture's "A New Light" and Lo Keys "American Greed"
Projects Coming Soon .

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