Sunday, March 4

Neef Buck – Forever Do Me 4: Loyalty Before Royalty

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Le$ - Menace

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D.O.P.E. – D.O.P.E.

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Robin Thicke Feat. Lil’ Wayne – Pretty Lil’ Heart

St. Laz – New York Gun Rap

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8Ball – Premro (Hosted By Drumma Boy)

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Jay2da - Pumped Up Kicks

Juicy J – Blue Dream And Lean (No DJ Version)

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Young Gee & Tay F 3rd Live @ Club Empire In Hollywood

The #STOPhating Show (Ft. Kirko Bangz, TK & YellowNigro) - Episode 2

Young Jeezy Hustlerz Ambition Tour DC Review

Snowman Ends Winter in DC
What better of a place to start off a tour than in the nation’s capital? Well, kind of.
The Fillmore in Silver Spring was home to the opening night of Young Jeezy’s Hustlerz Ambition tour in support of his latest release, TM 103: Hustler’s Ambition;  and to have the first night sell out days before the show started is never a bad note to hit it off on.
The tour takes you through a chronological path through Young Jeezy’s 10 year career. Starting off with “Soul Survivor”, much to the crowd’s liking, Jeezy dipped into his pre-Def Jam mixtape tracks and then working through a setlist of songs from all of his major-label releases.
The sold-out crowd chanted every word from his debut album, TM 101: Thug Motivation, but the clear cut winners were with TM 103. It’s hard to catch the same energy from a crowd after performing a song like “Who Dat”, but Jeezy managed to do so as his DJ dropped the beat to “Nothing”.
Another crowd favorite was a song that Jeezy had to have picked specifically to play in DC only.
“I never thought the stories from my hood would bring me to DC…every second I stood on that block was muthafuckin’ worth it…”
And then before the beat dropped for “Circulate”, Jeezy repeated two bars twice for the crowd;
“See I’ma start off so slow, yeah I said so slow/ They love me out in DC, just like go-go”
As the beat dropped, the crowd went insane:  Hands in the air, screaming of lyrics, and the smell of hundreds of blunts being lit.
What’s really impressive is how well TM 103 translates in a live setting. Maybe it’s the fantastic sound system at the Fillmore Silver Spring, maybe it was the atmosphere of the crowd in attendance, or maybe it was the unadulterated energy of Jeezy on stage, but one thing was for sure. The fans ate his latest tracks up.

After writing a poor review of TM 103 when it came out, I have to admit that seeing those (what seemed like) monotonous songs performed has changed my mind on the value of those songs. It’s impressive to see fans know every word to the five or six songs performed off an album which was only released just over two months ago.

Even more impressive is Jeezy’s professionalism. Being that it was a rap tour that was on its opening night, I was expecting the 9pm scheduled stage time to be pushed back well over an hour and a half. To my surprise and pleasure, Jeezy hit the stage at 9:30pm.
It’s easy for rappers to get lazy on stage and let the DJ or hypeman finish their bars or fill their show with unnecessary sound effects, but there’s something about Young Jeezy that really leaves you with a good impression. Racing from side to side and having a relationship with the crowd goes a long way. Not only that, but his DJ blended and mixed the songs that he performed so that there was very minimal dead silence (unless Jeezy wanted to interact with the crowd).
If Jeezy’s on-stage effort is anything like his career, he’s got plenty of great albums and plenty of great years to come.

By Mike Andrews