Tuesday, March 6

Tyga Brings His Party to DC

“Careless World” is not just the title of Young Money artist Tyga’s latest album; it’s basically a description of his tour and the crowd that came to see it in DC Monday night.
After Young Jeezy brought his sold-out ‘Hustlerz Ambition’ tour through the Fillmore Silver Spring Saturday night, Tyga proved he could play with the big dogs last night as he brought his ‘Careless World’ tour to the same venue. At 7:30pm, the line to get in stretched nearly five blocks in the 30 degree weather.
If the show wasn’t sold out, there could have been only a few tickets left.
Is it really impressive for an artist on the Young Money label to sell out a club? Well, when you’re an artist who only has two retail albums out (one of which hardly anyone knows of, ‘No Introduction’) and your show consists of 75% mixtape tracks, I would have to say it’s impressive.
Kicking off the night with “Bitch I’m the shit” off of his mixtape “#BitchImTheShit”, the crowd (averaging around the age of 20) immediately whipped out their cameraphones and began to scream every word to every song performed.
The stage set up was quite elaborate for a club tour, with strobe lighting intense enough to cause a seizure, smoke machines strong enough to reach to the back of the venue, and a DJ booth high enough to trigger a fear of heights.
The state-of-the-art sound system at the Fillmore Silver Spring only boosted the professionalism of yet another hip hop tour to come through the DMV area.
Tyga’s set lasted just over an hour and consisted of many tracks off of “#BitchImTheShit”, “Black Thoughts” and “Black Thoughts 2”; which meant a lot of his freestyle tracks over already-popular beats. But when the beat dropped for his freestyle over “Hard InThe Paint”, you would have thought Waka Flocka himself came out on stage.
The crowd ate up every single song that Tyga performed. His energy and charisma on stage only incited the crowd to jump, scream, (and for some, even fight) harder.
He would be remiss to not perform some new tracks off his new album, however, as the tour and stage setup was centered around it. Unlike most tours, the fans were almost more excited for the new songs rather than the old ones.
Performing eight songs off the album, the early crowd favorite was obviously “Rack City”, but not far behind was his track with Nicki Minaj, “Muthafucka Up”.
Taking a note from Jay and Kanye on their “Watch the Throne” tour where they played “Niggas in Paris” anywhere between 5-7 times per stop, Tyga decided to close the night by performing “Rack City” just one more time before he left to the crowd’s avail.
Even after the show was over, fans stayed around to treat the Fillmore as a dance club as Tyga’s DJ continued to spin Tyga tracks for nearly 20 minutes after the performance.
Tyga may not be the world’s most intriguing or lyrical rapper (and you couldn’t sell that notion to his fans for a million dollars), but he certainly makes up for that in charisma and underground buzz. There aren’t too many people who can pack a club like that mostly off mixtapes. But then again, I guess he has a pretty decent boss to show him how to do it.

By Mike Andrews

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B. James ft. I-20- Weather the Storm

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