Wednesday, April 4

SUN (ZooLife/G-Unit) - That's Wut I'm On

Capone ft. Max B & J.Serious - Get Em High


DJ Haze - The Color Purple (Review)

By Mike Andrews

Whether you think this is an accomplishment or not, DJ Haze has more than one leg up on DJ Khaled. While Khaled has come out with albums stacked with a guest roster to impress anyone, DJ Haze takes that formula a step further and actually went in and produced each and every one of the thirteen songs on his retail release, The Color Purple.
The CD plays like an album, but sounds like a mixtape, which both works and fails for his first retail album. The production on the CD is outstanding and is clear even from the first track (excluding the intro), “Lifestyle” (feat. Sheek Louch, Mysonne, Hell-Fire & Block MC Cloud). A lot of these tracks have the same, dark, gutter feel to them. This works given the guest list of features like Joell Ortiz, Cassidy, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, Vado, French Montana, Young Buck and more.
The lyricism on the album is definitely above average, which isn’t hard to believe when you see Joell Ortiz and Cassidy featured on the same song. An out-of-left-field surprise on this album is a fresh verse from Young Buck on a song that doesn’t sound like it was made in the basement of a southside crack den.
Haze has a lengthy track record of mixtapes, and it shows, some for the worse, on this album. For a retail album, there’s something about hearing a DJ drop on it that might anger some customers. While his drop isn’t being played obnoxiously throughout songs and only at the beginning of a few, it still takes away from the “vibe” of a true “album”.
The only other thing, besides a less than stellar outing from Sean Price and Dro Pesci on “S.I. to B.K.”, that detracts from the value of this album is the quality of the sound. The mastering of this album sounds on some songs as if it was done hastily, which is understandable considering that since it’s being released independently, there’s very little to no budget.
The album could be seen as a happy medium as it has the tracklisting of a major-label release, but the vibe of a street release. But who knows, maybe this is what DJ Haze wanted the whole time.

Sam Scarfo - The Package (Hosted by Dj Lazy K)

Appearances from Bad Azz, Murdah Baby, Yo Gotti, Serius Jones, 2 Chainz, & more.
Tracklist & DL after the cut.

Future - Same Damn Time (Live at Stankonia Studios)

G4 Boyz - M.O.B (Studio Performance)

G-Scott ft.GLC & Boldy James – The Market


Young Lyxx - Back Seat Riding Live in Atlanta (Directed by Cam Kirk)

Max B - Classic Maxi (Hosted By Max B)

Max B - Classic Maxi (Hosted By Max B)
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Starlito - Nortriptyline (Prod. by Trakksounds)

Nortriptyline is a second-generation tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) marketed as the hydrochloride salt under the trade names Sensoval,Aventyl, Pamelor, Norpress, Allegron, Noritren and Nortrilen. It is used in the treatment of major depression.

Cliff Po - Trillz (Dir. By Anthony Yebra)

Sun ft. Fat Pimp - Go Live

D. Mose ft D. Edge - Skyway

TREE - AMY (Chopped & Screwed)