Wednesday, April 18

Tree In Studio With Tye Hill

Footage of Tree in the studio with producer Tye Hill cooking up his very own brand of Trap Music which he calls “Soul Trap.”

Chyco Young Problemz ft. Killa Kyleon - Ima Threat

Young Natho - Better off D.E.A.D.

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Con-Man - Studio Car (Prod. by Robby Wildebeat)

What Con-Man had to say about this record: "I was watching cash cab and thought how cool it would be if I could scoop people in a crowded city who love music and just give them an opportunity to record a track, for those who can't afford studio time. That dumb ass fantasy turned into my own private studio area. I thought about what it would be like to have a mobile studio because people always seem either busy or too lazy to come to the studio, so I thought, well what if I could bring the studio to you? Now I roll around in a studio on wheels just recording because my interior is leather and with the windows rolled up my vocals bounce off that leather so beautifully (yes, I said that). People are just shocked to see me in my car really going in. I get a lot of stares, it's funny as hell. But my lyrics to the song are extremely accurate and I actually freestyled the entire thing. You can't experience creativity if you're in one spot so I put the studio in my car."

Kwame Katana x Yung Stack- Apply Pressure (Remix)

Murdah Baby - Can I Talk To U (Prod. The Legion (Lazy K Productions)

M.i - Stoned

Sempe - Sempe Is Back

Project Mayhem - Amazing

Project Mayhem presents: scenes from Middle America, a weekly series of clips from there classic album. First up is Lennon The Great with the visual from the Tree produced track "Amazing."
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