Monday, May 21

Dutch Capital X Solo DC - Best Day (Prod. 3D Beatz)

Ya Boy - Thousands Millions

Ric JIlla - Get Up Wit Me / Quit Hatin

The Game ft LifeStyle, Kid Red, Ben J - Pussy Money Weed

Tamara Bubble - Rap To This

Brandon Bueller - I Can Do Better

SL Jones x DJ Burn One ft. Rittz - M.D.M.A.

“‘M.D.M.A’ is about addiction, about the way it can make you feel on top of the world and the way it can tear you apart. People mostly associate addiction with hard drugs, but you can be addicted to anything, and when I first heard this beat — the way it gave me a rush — I knew it was perfect for getting that point across. This was one of the first beats DJ Burn One made for Paraphernalia. Rittz stopped by the studio one day and we were playing each other new tracks. I told him I had a song that was perfect for him, and once he heard it, he was all for it. Ebony Love came through and graced us on the hook. She’s so full of inspiration, I honestly believe she could make any song better.” – SL

GT Garza ft. Brian Angel - No Regrets

ANTHM - Manhattan

B.o.B - Play For Keeps

Daraja Hakizimana - Electric Kush