Wednesday, May 30

Boldy James Signs Deal with Decon Records

Project Mayhem - I'm A Boss (Remix)

The original was featured on the much acclaimed Industry Night project.

Nemesis - Long Liv The King

Includes a Tree feature, and some memorable (as always) SP production.
Tracklist & DL after the cut.

Young Moe - 3Hunna (Freestyle)

Drake Comes To DC Locked & Loaded (Concert Review)

By Mike Andrews
Friday night of Memorial Day Weekend turned out to be one of the wildest nights
of the year for DC Nightlife as the Club Paradise Tour rolled through the Verizon Center last night.
Due to “personal reasons regarding Drake’s family,” the last two shows on his tour
in Virginia Beach and in North Carolina were postponed. But when Drake hit the
stage at the Verizon Center, he showed that he was more than ready to hit the stage again.
What was most surprising about the set is that he sent a response back to Pusha T’s ‘Exodus 23:1’ diss track, which is speculated to be towards the Young Money camp. In one of his song breaks, Drake spit a quick line to let the crowd know how
he felt about the shot towards his crew.
“If you was doin’ 16s when I was 16 and your shit still flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me my nigga.”
Not long after, Lil’ Wayne dropped a response track, “Goulish”, addressing the Pusha T track.
But it wasn’t all seriousness at the Verizon Center on Friday night as Drake hit the
stage for a little bit over an hour and a half. He performed every fan-favorite as
well as some deeper tracks. Opening with “Crew Love”, the nearly sold out Verizon
Center went into a frenzy as the women in the crowd singing the chorus drowned
out the Young Money artist.
Addressing the 500-pound gorilla in the room, Drake made sure to mention that he
doesn’t give a fuck about what critics say about his songs. “They say I make too many songs for women….you know what I have to say to that? Hell yeah I make too much music for women.”
He then led that into one of the biggest singles of the past six months, “Proud of
You”. Backed by a live band, Drizzy showed that his performance (often criticized
for being too dull) is improving and that he is taking notes from some of rap’s greatest.
Club Paradise was much like Watch The Throne without the mega-superstar
mentality. Huge LED screens lit the arena up, and much like Jay did on Watch the
Throne, Drake spent fifteen minutes pointing out fans in the crowd while his band
went on an impressive jam session in the background.
Accompanying Drake on the tour were 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Waka Flocka and J. Cole.
French Montana (who was supposed to be on the bill) was not present at the DC
date for an unknown reason. While each artists performed a quick greatest-hits
setlist of anywhere between 15-35 minutes, Drake made sure to bring the artists
(sans J. Cole) back out during his set in order to give the whole crowd another look
at them since the building didn’t get filled up until nearly two hours into the over
four hour long night.
The tour’s first opening act and one of the biggest artists out right now, 2
Chainz, received one of the best receptions from the DMV as he came back out to perform “No Lie” with Drake. His post-game party at Ibiza Nightclub was also the hottest spot of the night as the line stretched nearly four blocks to get in.
Waka Flocka’s performance was one of the more surprising moments of the night. He, too, brought out his own band, and to hear “Bussin At Em” and “Hard in Da Paint” performed with a live band only amped up the atmosphere in DC even more and prepared the crowd to get extra live for the tour’s headliner.
Closing the night out on “Y.O.L.O”, Drake mentioned that he’d love to be back and
that maybe next time he would bring back Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.
While that was something to leave the fans with, the true story of the night was the
shot back at Pusha T after not making any mention of the track until last night.
And if the quick bar he spit is any indication of a possible song in the works, then it’s going to be one hot summer.

Lil Kappy - Ball Everyday (Everyday I Ball) Interactive Mixtape

Kanary Diamonds - No More Ms. Nice Guy

Juxx Diamondz - Planet of the Apes

Appearances from Mic Geronimo , Red Cafe, & more.
Tracklist & DL aftyer the cut.