Friday, June 1

Sun - I'm Ill (Behind The Verse)

The Doc delivered the diagnosis/ I'm addicted to the dollars & my time's approaching/ somebody told me, richer or are you going to die broker/stack stacks until the skies open/I get it in, I win/ I'm trill I'm ill/ I'm sick, I'm hot, I'm rich they not/ sleeping on the man like comatose/ if cash is the cure I must of overdosed/ for the paper I'm so impatient/ so the doc prescribed me money for my medication/I get my check up, you should of seen my last check/ it had more numbers than a math test/ my money long, they money gone/if being broke is a joke these niggas funnybone/tthis ain't fun and games this a epidemic/ I'm a cannibal (BIL as in billion), an animal (MIL as in million)/ motherfucker I'm ill

We spoke to friend of the program @Sun_Days about his first verse on I'm Ill.
  "I'm Ill" Q & A after the cut.

Shyheim Presents The Bottom Of New York 2

Featuring appearances from Trife Diesel, Yo Gotti, Alley Boy, Ras Kass, Bad Azz, Cappadonna & more.
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Tree ft. Rogizz - Chuch