Monday, June 4

Griffen Q & A

Griffen is a Chicago based rapper and MC whose story is cemented on the mentality that "nothing's impossible if you do whatever it takes to get it." Born on Chicago's south side, Griffen took his earliest cues in determination from his grandmother, one of the first female lawyers in Chicago. "It took her eleven years to get through law school. I got her tenacity…..There was no quit in her. If they shut the door, you go through a window!" Introduced to Hip-Hop's golden era greats (N.W.A., Geto Boys, Ice T, etc.) by a D.J. who happened to be his older brother, helped lay a solid foundation for the artist at an early age.

After inking a deal with Scarface’s Facemob Music in 2010, Griffen readied “Apotheosis” with a national campaign to finally bring his  talent to the masses.  Now, he's receiving multiple posts on every Chicago blogsite that matters, has a hood buzz to compliment his Internet presence, a solid team who shares his vision, and the backing of a legendary icon [Scarface] to propel him to that next level. He also recently became involved with the new Chicago group Antierthang. After about a years worth of false starts we finally caught up with the young man and discussed all this and more.

Tell us about Antierthang?
ANTiERTHANG is a group consisting of myself, Fat Boi aka Big Wiz and Vic Spencer. I studied those guys for a couple of years and peeped that, attitude-wise we was on a lot of the same shit, plus I thought they could rap circles around 90% of niggaz I hit them up, asked if the was wit this group idea where we basically say "Fuck erybody....we ANTI whatever you on right now". So, we decided to drop ONE project jus for the sake of art and the nature of the craft, y'know. Its like a movie we starring in with no planned sequel...I mean, unless the shit gets 500,000 downloads or some shit...hahahaha

How'd you link up with Facemob?
Basically, thru the blessing of technology and social media, I got a few of my joints directly to Scarface. He heard them and contacted me and it went from there. Shoutout to Twitter! haha


Korleon - My Brothers Keeper (Nino Brown)

GLC x Gwop - Pagers

Call It A Go (From Spruce St. 2 St. Louis 2 Cocaine City)

Tracklist & DL after the cut.

Skinny & Scales (40 Akerz) - OYN

Sun ft Kurupt - We Don't Give A Fuck