Sunday, July 15

Captain Midnight - CAPS USA

1.    Rock n Roll
2.    George Bush ft I$aid
3.    Baby Fuck Me ft Benjamin Daily
4.    Million Dollar Dick ft Benjamin Daily
5.    Electric Slide
6.    What I Want ft Benjamin Daily
7.    Do Me ft Cappadonna
8.    Pack Your Bags ft Benjamin Daily
9.    Burner on The Lap ft Dame Grease & I$aid
10.  .22 ft Drama
11.  ChinaTown ft Dutch New York
12.  Fly Away ft Drama & Benjamin Daily
13.  Wheels Spinnin' ft Dame Grease & I$aid
14.  Bets Up
15.  Different Money ft Benjamin Daily & Skrilla Kid Villain

DB Tha General x DaVinci - Know Bout Us (Prod. SMKA)

Dutch Capital - Russian Roulette (Freestyle)

B.James - Dripped Up 3 Freestyle

Tree ft. SL Jones - Stomp (Prod. @MCTreeG)

Dutch Capital ft. Sun (ZooLife) & Big Hu$tle Man - P.O.T.D. (Power of the Dollar)

Original artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat.