Saturday, July 21

DJ Kutt Throat ft J-Money, Shawty Lo & DG Yola - I Love My Plug

Nas - Life is Good (Album Release Performance Filmed by @EMETakeover)

The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Presents to you: Nas' (@Nas) "Life is Good" Album Release Performance at MLB Fan Cave. While DJ Green Lantern (@DJGreenLantern) DJ'd, Nas performed songs from his new album such as "Daughters", "The Don" and others. In addition, he performed classics such as "Hate Me Now", If I Ruled The World", "One Mic", "Nas is Like", "Hip Hop is Dead", It Aint Hard To Tell", "Made You Look" and more. 

Renegade Cain ft. ISH & @JULY2FLY - Black Fla (Dir. HAHZYRU)

Murdah Baby - Aint No Way Around It (Freestyle)

Fatboi Fresh – Splash

Wes Coas - Tomorrow

Wes Coas unleashes the 2nd single to his album, "Styles Davis: If Miles Could Talk"
set to release July 24th online.

Live From Chicago: Rapper Tree Sheds Some Light On The Violence In The Windy City

Live From Chicago: Rapper Tree Sheds Some Light On The Violence In The Windy City

Anybody who watches the news knows that Chicago, Illinois is under attack. It’s a domestic terrorism, of sorts. It’s streets have become war zones, & apparently no one is off limits.
I, like many other Americans, read report after report on how & why the violence has gotten so out of hand, but not long after that, get bombarded with another story pertaining to another senseless murder in the streets of Chicago. The same type of senseless murder that took the life of Derrion Albert in 2009.
Violence is a way of life. This is impossible to ignore or avoid. However, when homicides in one city jump as much as 38% in six months, this “way of life” begins to infect the environment, setting off a chain of events that will take years & lots of monies to reverse.
Chicago is in the public eye right now, both in the rap universe & in the scrutiny-filled free world, due to it’s recent outbreak of activity. I caught up with emcee Tree, a Chi-Town native & Hip Hop representative, to get a firsthand glimpse on just what the hell is happening in the middle of the country.
& not for nothing, but Bernie Mac is probably spinning in his grave in utter shame right now.

Tony Grands: How long have you been in Chicago?

Tree: I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life, 28 years and counting.

Tony Grands: What’s the Hip Hop/Rap scene like in Chicago? Clubs, underground spots, Hip Hop shops, etc?

Tree: The rap scene in chicago is both funny and intriguing. It’s funny in a way that, nowadays, at a hip hop show on the south side of chicago (where all the murders happen), you’ll find an A&R from atlantic or Def Jam mingling in the crowd. Walkin’ down the street just hoping to find the next Chief Keef or the next Tree because at this point in time, if you’re from Chicago and you rap, labels are definitely investigating and giving you a listen. It’s intriguing because if you fit into those qualifications, you could possibly be signed or at last courted by a label. And as we all know, Chicago has been more of the flyover state when it comes to rap music. Labels built superstars from the west coast then went to the east and even the south. And even with the few artist that did make it out (Kanye West, Common, Lupe, Do or Die, etc.) you would think that labels might have given not only Chicago, but the midwest a real chance by now… But they haven’t. They didn’t until a 16 year old boy from the south side of Chicago got locked up for shooting at the cops, who just happens to rap.