Thursday, September 6

Grantland's Animated Archives - Neal Brennan's Legendary Prince Story

RoGizz - Interview (Intro)

Shyne ft. Pusha T - Meyer Lanksy


Bo Kane ft. Gorilla Zoe - I'm Shining

Cliff Po - True Religion (EP Version)

Track artwork


Opium - Overthuggin EP

1.St. Laz - Overthuggin Intro - Produced by Genisyde
2.Opium - The NightLife - Prod by GreenRoomPro
3.Opium ft. Misphit - Most Wanted - Prod by GreenRoomPro
4.St. Laz & Opium ft. JadaKiss - Swag on Pluto - Prod by High Notes
5.Opium ft. St. Laz - Blood Money Power - Prod by DropDown Productions
6.Opium - Bitch - Prod by GreenRoomPro
7.Opium ft. Misphit & Anonymous - Run These Streets - Prod by Green Room Pro
8.Opium & Miss Jay - Hold It Together - Prod by GreenroomPro
9.Opium - Want Me - Prod by Firestarter
10.Opium ft. St. Laz - Ghetto Polictics - Produced by Genisyde
11.Opium - One - Prod by DropDown Productions
12.Vince Wesson - Hell
13.PRez OriGinal - Shell Fish
14.PRez OriGinal - Suckaz
15.Opium - Hood (Prod By Rex)

Trouble DTE ft. Stuey Rock - Racks All Over


Sun ft. Stevie J - Get It In

Ben Official x Tree - What They Want To Hear

Ben's project #Circa87 dropping soon.

DJ Lazy K - Street Treats 27

Dutch Capital x KingPen Slim - Shooters