Wednesday, September 26

Young Dro x DJ Burn One – Ralph Lauren Reefa

Mikkey Halsted - MMM Season

Freddie Gibbs - Baby Face Killa

JoJo Pellegrino - Led Shower (Prod. J Glaze)

JoJo Pellegrino shares his feelings on Chris Lighty’s recent passing. As a former Violator Records artist, JoJo talks about personal experiences with Chris, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, and more.

Pop-A-Lot - Everyday I DO IT

Mav of Sol Camp - 4080

RoGizz aka Black Blago - Millionaire Status (Prod. Magnificent Beats)

Chris Crack - The X-File

Yung Yadi - Grippin Tha Grain EP

1. South Texas (Prod. By Chris Gr3en)
2. Luv It Mayne ft. International O (Prod. By Chris Gr3en)
3. My Bandana (Prod. By Chris Gr3en)
4. Gat In Da Stash Spot (Prod. By Chris Gr3en)
5. Insane Asylum (Prod. By Chris Gr3en)
Bonus Tracks
* Screw Sips (Prod. by Toy Trains)
* Texas Girl (Prod. by Party Trash)
* I Don’t Wanna Be Late (Prod. by Party Trash)

Blood Raw - Road To Raw Redemption: Dallas, TX

Dutch Capital - Bad Mans World

T.Y. ft. Rockie Fresh - 7 Days