Thursday, January 24

RoGizz aka Black Blago - Political Pimpin' Volume I

1 Blago's Theme (Produced by S.C.) 
2 Legal Off the Law 
3 Swimming With her Jaws 
4 Who I'm Is featuring Nemesis (Produced by Standout Muzik) 
5 Incredible featuring Paypa, Chris Crack and Cutta (Produced by Cutta) 
6 Cigarettes and Pepsi (Produced by Echem Pahkwah) 
7 I Got That Cat 
8 Ridin Through My City (Produced by S.C.) 
9 Foot In Her Azz 
10 What U Twerkin Wit 
11 Outro: Fantastic Trip (Produced by S.C.) 
Mixed by DC