Friday, March 8

Mr. Vega - Trap For The First Time EP

01. Mr. Vega - Ratchet Ass On The Flo (3:40)
02. Mr. Vega & Heartbreak - Thai (4:13)
03. Mr. Vega - I'm Livin' (Feat. Jay Romance) (3:34)
04. Mr. Vega - I'm Livin' (Feat. Kepstar, Otis Clapp, Dell Harris & KO-Lition) (Remix) (4:15)
05. Mr. Vega - Twerk It (Feat. Jay Romance) (VIP Trap Remix) (3:22)
06. Mr. Vega - Lick It (Roll It Up) (3:44)

Trap For The First Time is a title i chose as a play on Ludacris's first industry album "Back For The First Time". The album wasnt his first but it was a reintroduction to the scene on a higher level. This EP isnt my first EP or my first attempt at "Trap" as i started making hip hop music 15 yrs ago and was semi-successful in that scene for years. Trap For The First Time is my reintroduction into this scene with the right people supporting the project. The EP features my friend David Heartbreak on "Thai", Otis Clapp, Kepstar, Dell Harris & KO-Lition on "I'm Livin'" and Jay Romance (my vocal alter-ego) on every track doing hooks and vocal cuts. I felt the one thing trap as a genre is missing is vocals to make them more songs instead of "hip hop instrumentals". There's a few people doing this but not enough, so i hope this project will push more people to follow suit.