Saturday, April 20

Mac Pooh x Traps N Trunks - Da Streets Know 2

1.Mac Pooh - Intro [Prod. By Raw Beats]
2.Mac Pooh - Welcome To The Byrd Life (Feat. Young Famous Big Pete) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
3.Mac Pooh - Big Stripping
4.Mac Pooh - Dat on Dat [Prod. By Lil Lody]
5.Mac Pooh - Logos [Prod. By Lil Lody]
6.Mac Pooh - We Aint Worried About It (Feat. Big Pete) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
7.Mac Pooh - Make a Byrd
8.Mac Pooh - LA City [Prod. By Raw Beats]
9.Mac Pooh - Trap Stick (Feat. Mike G Six 30) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
10.Mac Pooh - First 48 (Feat. Project Pat Big Pete)
11.Mac Pooh - Am I Appreciated
12.Mac Pooh - You Want To Call My Name
13.Mac Pooh - That's Work (Feat. Jody Breeze) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
14.Mac Pooh - Going Hard (Feat. Dub D) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
15.Mac Pooh - Big Booty Tahoe
16.Mac Pooh - Can't Control My Swag (Feat. Young Famous)
17.Mac Pooh - Mounted (Feat. Gucci Mane) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
18.Mac Pooh - Snap A Picture (Feat. Skitzo Scoe) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
19.Mac Pooh - Right Naw [Prod. By Lil Lody]
20.Mac Pooh - Curtis Mack (Feat. My Heart)