Sunday, April 21

Ms. Rivercity Q & A

Jen McKinnon is a photo journalist/blogger from Jacksonville, FL (a.k.a. The River City) currently residing in Atlanta, GA. She was an editor with OZONE Magazine for 5 years, and freelances for several blogs including Traps N Trunks, Allhiphop,, Greenhitz and 20+ other websites. In addition to writing articles and event photography, Ms. Rivercity specializes in Viral Marketing/Online Media. Some of her past and present associates include DJ Scream/HoodRich DJs, Zaytoven, Future, Block Ent., Bigga Rankin, DJ Smallz, 2 Chainz, Shawty Lo, Rocko, Raw Report DVD, Cyhi Da Prynce, Alley Boy, Waka Flocka, and numerous others. Her future plans include continuing her successes in the media field and expanding her promotional services. “I want to cover all the bases. I want to be that person you can go to for anything media related.”

How did you discover Rap?
I discovered rap the same way I discovered other genres of music - radio, MTV, friends, parties, and probably the skating rink. I was a big skating rink head - before I was old enough to go to clubs.

How did you get personally involved in the culture?
I've always been a writer, and always went to concerts and street parties. So I started reviewing shows and music as a hobby, not realizing it was possible to make a real career out of something I loved. But eventually that's what happened, not without a lot of sacrifice though.

What is your role in the popular Traps N Trunk mixtape series?
I help set up the hosting, get drops, exclusive music for the playlist, and promote the tapes.

Could you tell us something we should be watching for from you or your camp?
We dropped the Traps N Trunks 51  & 52 tapes, 51 was hosted by Playa Fly on Livemixtapes. It's a big deal for me personally, Fly is a legend. Plus his new music is just as good as the classics. I'm always up to something new - mixtape promo, events, etc. Check my sites for updates

Who's a current artist that you feel gets unfairly targeted for the quality of their lyrics?
Pretty much every artist, in any genre, at some point is going to face criticism for their lyrics. There's no way around it. Music is subjective to the listener and like they say, everyone has an opinion.

You do promo and media, have those 2 ever conflicted? 
Yes. Absolutely. I just have to be fair as possible and honest.

Do you think there's enough objective Journalism in Hip-Hop?
Sure. I also feel there are many hip hop journalists with no experience "in the field" who probably shouldn't be reporting from merely an objective stance. Like people who've never interacted with the artists, or who blog about events via watching the tv or Youtube. I call these "couch journalists."

What's your most awkward moment you've had in Rap?
There have been many. Most recently, I scheduled a phone interview with Project Pat through his manager. When Pat called and I answered, he sounded really confused and said, "Wrong number," and hung up on me. Ha! But I called back and got the interview knocked out. On the flip side, one time I called Plies for an interview - he did not sound anything like what he sounds like when he's in rap character - so I said "wrong number and hung up." His phone grammar was way too proper.

What's your biggest pet peeve when dealing with Rappers?
Getting them to pay. And they don't wake up until 3pm. 

What's a trend you've noticed in Rap for 2013, & do you think it's positive or negative?
Most of the trends I'm seeing are carried over from 2012, like Molly. I'm sure this year Molly will die out and a new drug will become popular. Who knows, maybe one day being sober will be the new trend. Then I can probably get paid on time.