Thursday, April 25

Soren Baker - I’m The White Guy: The Snoop Dogg Edition (Review)

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Living out a childhood dream is something that can hardly be explained. The chills, shock and permanent grin only vaguely show the rush of emotions one may experience.  Writer, author and screenwriter Soren Baker has spent the better part of 15 years trying to find a way to describe it. But with his newest release, I’m The White Guy – The Snoop Dogg Edition, he manages to explain this continuous adrenaline rush sparked by his work with one of rap’s greatest superstars: Snoop Dogg.

Like his previous editions of I’m The White Guy, I expected an easy-read of behind the scenes tales of earning the respect of one of rap’s most prolific “Gangsta Rappers” and hearing about the hoop jumping required to book interviews with the rapper for one of the numerous publications that Soren has contributed for in his very impressive resume.

With this edition, the reader gets all of the above, but there’s something more to it with this edition. Not only is it an exhilarating look into the career of Snoop Dogg, but it’s an equally impressive look into the career of Soren, as well.

While he may not have set out to have it read this way, the book illustrates the depths that his career has reached in a very interesting fashion. While having interviewed artists such as KRS-One, The Geto Boys and Wu-Tang Clan, Soren grabbed his first big interview that he had dreamed of for nearly his whole career: Snoop Dogg. The book, which comes out close to the release date of Snoop Dogg’s (or should I say, Snoop Lion’s) album, Reincarnated, provides a look at how Soren’s entire career has been somewhat molded by his experiences with Snoop Dogg.

He begins with how one of the biggest moments of his career was locking in that first interview with a superstar, and at the end, how it’s coming back full-circle as his relationship is set to further expand by working on a creative level on a film project with Snoop and Bill Duke. It’s an interesting tale of not just the unseen moments of Snoop Dogg, but more the unseen moments of a professional relationship between journalist and celebrity.

Don’t worry, however, if the behind-the-scenes stuff is what you’re in it for. There are quite enough tidbits about Snoop’s personal life through Baker’s numerous visits to his Diamond Bar, California home. From his visit to the Player’s Ball to his visit with his family, Soren Baker has seen more sides of Snoop Dogg than arguably any other journalist.

I’m The White Guy – The Snoop Dogg Edition is available now in both digital and physical formats on and many other retailers.