Sunday, July 28

50 Cent - Power of the Dollar (Unreleased Debut Album)

The Hit 
The Good Die Young 
Corner Bodega (Coke Spot) 
Your Life's on the Line 
As the World Turns (feat. Bun B) 
Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me, Part 1) 
Da Repercussions 
Money by Any Means (feat. Noreaga) 
Material Girl 2000 (feat. Dave Hollister)
Thug Love (feat. Destiny's Child) 
Slow Doe 
Gun Runner 
You Ain't No Gangsta 
Power of the Dollar 
I'm a Hustler 
How to Rob a Industry Nigga (feat. Madd Rapper) 

From Wikipedia:
Power of the Dollar is the officially unreleased but heavily bootlegged debut album by rapper 50 Cent. The album, which was originally set for a July 4, 2000 release, was intended to be his debut album with Columbia Records, but was cancelled after 50 Cent was dropped from the label when Columbia discovered that he had been shot. Guest appearances include Destiny's Child, Noreaga (N.O.R.E.), Dave Hollister, Bun B, and The Madd Rapper.
The first single, "How to Rob", was released on August 10, 1999. In the song, 50 Cent comically explains how he would rob many prominent figures in the music industry. Several rappers including Jay-Z, Big Pun, DMX, Kurupt, Wyclef Jean, Sticky Fingaz, Wu-Tang Clan affiliates The American Cream Team, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah replied to the song. 
The second single, "Thug Love" featuring Destiny's Child, was released on September 21, 1999. Days before 50 Cent was scheduled to film its music video, he was attacked by a gunman in the infamous shooting incident that left him with nine gunshot wounds and gave him his dimple scar; an event that 50 Cent often references in his lyrics.While hospitalized, he signed a publishing deal with Columbia Records. However, he was dropped from the label after it was discovered that he had been shot.[9] The track, "Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me)", has been speculated to be the reason for the shooting. 
The third single, "Your Life's on the Line, was released in 1999. The song was produced by Terrence Dudley, and was perceived as a diss song to Ja Rule, which would begin their highly publicized feud on records. 50 mocks Ja's famous catchprase "Murdaa"!, on the chorus of the song, rapping "Murdaa, I don't believe you/Murdaa, Fuck around and leave you/Murdaa, I don't believe you/Murda Murda, your life's on the line". A music video for this song was released, which was also the only song with a music video of the whole album. The song would later be included as a bonus track on 50's officially released debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin'.



Mac Lucci ft. Germ Free - Light Um Up [Prod. Dae One]

Deniro & Morg Parks - Fuck With Us

Tree Live @ Pitchfork Music Fest

From Fake Shore Drive: "Tree had the 1pm opening slot on Sunday, which was the final day of the Pitchfork Music Fest, this past weekend. At first I was pissed that Tree had such an early placement. And after two full days of the Fest, getting up to Union Park by 1pm required a lot of effort. But most importantly, the greatness of Tree needed to be experienced by as many people as possible. Tree is for the people. All of them. He needed a spot later in the day.

But then after some thought, it all made perfect sense. Tree rose to fame thanks to his heralded Sunday School projects, so Tree had to perform early on Sunday — it was his version of Sunday School. It was his congregation. Talk about synergy! Was that even planned? I doubt it, but Tree and his band (you’ll recognize some faces) rocked out and definitely awoke the holy ghost. His set was amazing, and if you somehow missed it you can now watch a recap. Check him rocking “The King” above and ”Devotion (Get It)” below…

Go stand in a corner if you missed Sunday School, though. For real."

ZMoney – Ben Franklin

Sweetz P. ft. Freddie Gibbs - Impressive (Prod. LDotSDot)

Sweetz P Ft. Freddie Gibbs – Impressive

Smoke Dean - Gettin Money (Dir. Stack Moses)

Young Dirty - 25-8

EYEGOTME - LeBron Mode

Grilly x Block Beattaz - Missed Opportunities

Pour a Player Up

gaVen heVy - Let It Go (Live)

Doc Da Mindbenda ft. Mic Terror x Vic Spencer - Mic Vic

First single off Doc Da Mindbenda's Welcome To The Grindhouse EP

Reek da Villian ft. Busta Rhymes & J Doe - What You Know About It

Skarr Akbar - I'm Just Me

KickRaux - Harriet Thugman


Childish Major & KickRaux - Automatic (Feat. Curtis Williams & Juicy J) (Trap 2.0 Remix) (3:46)
Jay-Z - Tom Ford (KickRaux Trap 2.0 Remix) (2:39)
KickRaux & $1 Bin - TWRKIT (Feat. Trapzillas) (2:43)
KickRaux & Dan Farber - Light My Numbers (Feat. Pusha T) (Trap 2.0 Remix) (2:37)
KickRaux & BlockondaTrackk - Pop Out (Feat. Katie Got Bandz & King Louie) (Trap 2.0 Remix) (4:05)
KickRaux - Chop You Down (Feat. Inoj, Future & Lil Wayne) (Remix) (4:21)
KickRaux - Cerathonia (Feat. Fibes Oh Fibes, Tinie Tempah & Dev) (Remix) (2:59)
KickRaux - DFFM (Feat. Cityy Towers & James Blake) (4:39)
KickRaux - Sloppy Toppy (4:09)
KickRaux - Racks (Interlude) (0:41)
KickRaux - 2OE (Feat. Boy Wonder, 2 Chainz, Ree$e & DJ Mellohype) (3:28)
KickRaux & Richie August - TimePiece (3:24)
KickRaux & Fista Cuffs - #MOLLYWOOD (Feat. Blinn) (1:47)
KickRaux & JGramm Beats - Upper Echelon (Feat. Travis Scott, Juicy J & 2 Chainz) (Trap 2.0 Remix) (4:09)
Migos - Versace (Feat. Drake) (KickRaux Trap 2.0 Remix) (3:43)
KickRaux - Take It (Feat. Mavado, Taylor Swift & Karlan Sang) (Remix) (3:36)
Trinidad James Vs. Major Lazer - Bomayes Welcomed (KickRaux & EthniKids Club Bootleg) (1:37)
KickRaux - Falls Apart (Feat. Prophit & Regina Spektor) (Spoken Word By Motown Pride) (4:01)
KickRaux - Outro (0:02)

Tuesday, July 23

D.Brown x BDI Melz - Versace

Grilly x Block Beattaz ft. Johnny Spanglish - Melody On

"We’re proud to announce that we’ll be presenting Grilly’s (Huntsville, AL) upcoming project Pour A Playa Up which is produced entirely by the Block Beattaz. “Melody On” is the first leak from the project that will be dropping August 16th via Live Mixtapes." - HaZe #DGB

Lo Thraxx - Player of The Year #POY Hosted by DJ Dow Jones X DJ Discipline

Boss Smooth - Versace

The 5 - All We Do Is

Lace Lavon ft. Angel Face - Sosa (Remix)

Jarren Benton - Life In The Jungle (Prod. Kato)

Sandman - Anything (Prod. DieM FLOOD)

Kokoe x DJ Paul - Re-Up

Showoff - Ain't My Bitch

Spenzo – Shake Me Down

Mykko Montana - Romeo & Juliet

Monday, July 22

Young Noble ft. Trae Tha Truth & Da Kid Akk - Count Me Out

Turk Bro (DCMG) - 100/Turn Up

Bo Deal x P. Rico x Waka Flocka - Drama

Pop-A-Lot ft. French Montana - Stress Levels

WBMG Mac Maine - Dirty Money

Thurz ft. Cali Martyr - Got Damn Got Damn

Lo Thraxx ft. Lil Pooh - Chrome Spinnin' [Prod. Raz Fresco]

Visto ft. Raheem DeVaughn - How That Pxxxy Taste (Remix) [Clean]

P’CISE - Imagine

Urban Grind TV Episode with Cap 1, King Samson, Sevirr, Kokki, Phor

Live @ Reggies in Chicago.

VEGA ft. Skooda Chose, Astonish & Nicholaus Kane - DownTown (Prod. CALI)

Arlis Michaels - Ain't No Way (Dir. Hardbody TV)

Saturday, July 20

Triple Six Mafia ft. Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Smoked Out, Loced Out

From Wikipedia: Smoked Out, Loced Out is an underground Tape released by Triple Six Mafia (better known as Three 6 Mafia) on November 25, 1994. The album is a precursor to their debut album Mystic Stylez in 1995. It was released on Prophet Entertainment.
The album is firmly rooted in the hardcore rap scene. Throughout the album, the group vividly raps about murder, satan, domestic violence, and smoking marijuana—only to be periodically interrupted by spurious, and often comedic, radio station call-ins. The album is not available for download on the iTunes store for unknown reasons.
Track listing

"Triple 6 Hotline" – 0:54
"Victim of a Driveby" (by Lil' Glock & S.O.G.) – 3:49
"Walk Up To Yo House"
"Interlude" – 0:48
"Beatin' Them Hoes Down" – 4:20
"Now I'm High Really High" (feat. Lil' Fly) – 5:44
"Triple 6 Hotline Pt. 2" – 0:26
"Niggas Ain't Barrin' That" – 4:11
"Stash Pot" – 5:04
"Victim of This Shit" (by Gangsta Blac & Lil Fly) – 7:01
"Pimpin' & Robbin'" (by Kingpin Skinny Pimp & 211) – 3:45
"Fuck All Them Hoes, Part 2" – 4:05
"Crank This Bitch Up" (by Gangsta Blac) – 5:04
"Outro" – 2:39
"Flaugin' Ass Nigga" (by K-9) – 3:44
"Squeeze On My Nuts" – 3:28
"Triple 6 Hotline Pt. 3" – 0:18
Triple 6 hotline contains a sample of Al Jarreau - Distracted

Lo Thraxx - Trill Screwed Acid [Prod. Spacecamp]

Mouse On Tha Track - Bye Bitch (Prod. @StuntNDozier)

Giftz x Save Money Army - Nino Remix (Live @ Reggie's)

Pottersfield - The Motel (Prod. By @BigBobPattison)

The Artis - Scottie Pippen (Prod. The Artis)

Friday, July 19

Slim400 - Where You Been

Murdah Baby - Silent Murdah Vol.3

1.Murdah Baby ft SK - Ride It To The End Prod By Maxpayne Shawty
2.Murdah Baby ft Dramatic - Murdah Capitol
3.Murdah Baby ft Maxpayne Shawty - Meek Mill Levels (Freestyle)
4.Murdah Baby ft Spoonz - Last Message Prod By LFTB
5.Murdah Baby ft Peedi Crakk - Love My Women
6.Murdah Baby ft Joe Barly Young Donn - It Be Like Dat
7.Murdah Baby - Ballout
8.Murdah Baby - La Baby Born
9.Murdah Baby ft Sun - Wanna See Me Go
10.Murdah Baby ft MassFiveStar - #RNS
11.Murdah Baby ft Milla On Deck - #MurdahGang Here
12.Murdah Baby ft Amigo Money - Just Another Jugg
13.Murdah Baby ft Heff Baby - Aint Worried Bout Nuffin
14.Murdah Baby ft Bully AP - Murdah Dem Prod By Vinny Idol
15.Murdah Baby ft Superstar K - Why You Mad
16.Murdah Baby ft Maxpayne Shawty Yeah Yeah (Remix) Prod By Blueshoes
17.Murdah Baby - I Got Now (Freestyle)
18.Murdah Baby - Ol Gone (7000) Prod By Scottie Jax
19.Murdah Baby ft TP - Do The Right Thing

Dat Boi Heazy - Smoked Out/ Peyote

Rich Quick ft. Jakk Frost & Chuck Treece - Walk On Bye (Prod. STREECE™)