Saturday, December 21

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - The Abstract And The Dragon

What we have here is a brotherhood. A friendship that extends past music, but also has an extensive musical history. The Abstract & The Dragon is more-so a compilation of their work over the years with new records sprinkled in. Another cool aspect about the mixtape is that both also add verses to classic records like Busta hops on A Tribe Called Quest’s “God Lives Through.” It’s a great example of what a mixtape represents. Features from Redman, Big Daddy Kane, Missy Elliott and more.

1.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Introlisten download
2.A Tribe Called Quest Feat Busta Rhymes-God Lives Through
3.Q-Tip Feat Busta Rhymes-Gettin Up DJ Scratch Remix
4.A Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman - Steppin' It Up
5.Busta Rhymes Feat Q-Tip Lil Wayne Kanye West-Thank You Kid Capri Remix
6.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Always Add On Interlude
7.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-The Abstract The Dragon
8.A Tribe Called Quest Feat Busta Rhymes-Wild Hot
9.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Speaks Skit
10.A Tribe Called Quest Feat Busta Rhymes-One Two Shit
11.Bust Rhymes Q-Tip-We Taking Off
12.Q-Tip Feat Busta Rhymes Raekwon Lil Wayne-Renaissance Rap Remix
13.Q-Tip - N.T.
14.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Butch Sundance
15.Shaheem Reid-Speaks Skit
16.Busta Rhymes-Pardon My Ways ELE 2 Exclusive
17.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Skit
18.Q-Tip - For The Nasty
19.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Come On Down Skit
20.Big Daddy Kane Feat Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Come On Down
21.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-J Dilla Skit
22.Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold The Torch
23.Busta Rhymes Feat Q-Tip Talib Kweli-Lightworks
24.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Chris Lighty Skit
25.Q-Tip Feat Busta Rhymes Missy Elliott-Vivrant Thing
26.Busta Rhymes - Ill Vibe
27.A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario
28.A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario