Thursday, December 5

Hollywood Ric - NY Times (Video)

Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn can be a tricky thing. Depending on what part of Brooklyn on resides in, making it home safely on daily basis is daunting task. This is why Hollywood Ric is poised to win, as he's winning in life just by being able to make his way through the NYC concrete jungle. With his latest visual NY Times Hollywood Ric talks about his trials and tribulations while striving to becoming a successful artist, while navigating through the tough NYC Streets. This gritty visual showcases the random violence that can happen at any given moment in the Brooklyn streets. It's not pretty but, it is what it is! This visual was directed by Richenzo Faison (Visual Stimulation) and gives you a glimpse into the world of Hollywood Ric. Checkout NY Times and see why "Growing Up In The NY Times Side, Where Staying Alive Is No Jive" 
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