Saturday, December 21

Le$ - Gran Turismo

1.'77 Mclaren (Prod. By Bahwee)
2.Monaco Grand Prix (Prod. By Evil Needle)
3.Co-Pilot (Prod. By Evil Needle)
4.All Night feat. Spb2 (Prod. By Ric / Thadeus)
5.For The Love (Prod. By Ric / Thadeus)
6.Serenity (Prod. By Elaquent)
7.Can't Do Enough (Prod. By Freddie Joachim)
8.In The Air (Prod. By Evil Needle / Freddie Joachim)
9.Shotgun (Prod. By Mr. Rogers)
10.Formula 1 (Prod. By Mr. Rogers)
11.Stay High
12.Focus (Prod. By Evil Needle)
13.Forever (Prod. By Evil Needle)
14.Fast Lane (Prod. By Evil Needle)
15.Never Letting Go (Prod. By Evil Needle)
16.Midnight Club (Prod. By Mr. Rogers)
17.Houston Zoo (Prod. By Mr. Rogers)
18.Do It Again (Prod. By Bahwee)
19.Bad MF (Prod. By Ric / Thadeus)
20.Til The Wheels Fall Off (Prod. By Evil Needle)