Wednesday, December 18

New Music: Monét "Paper Thin Freestyle" (Audio)

Long live the days of vintage Hip-Hop, the 90’s were such a good time for the culture. There were several credible female emcees that had an impact on the game. With MC Lyte leading the charge the game was in good hands. Fast forward to 2014 we have a new female emcee that’s looking to pay homage to the greats that have paved the way.  This new emcee goes by the name of Monét, who’s back with her follow up freestyle to her Dead Presidents freestyle entitled Paper Thin.  On this freestyle Monét digs in the crates and flows of the MC Lyte classic Paper Thin track (which is hard to find, and shows that she’s truly a student of Hip-hop). Monét delivers solid bars to this freestyle, as she pays homage to one of her idols MC Lyte. This joint just feels so vintage and is sure to have you bussing out the old school moves like the Wop, Cabbage Patch & The Running Man.  Don't take my word for it check out Monét new freestyle Paper Thin and look forward to more music from Mo in 2014.

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