Tuesday, December 3


01.Bloodclot (prod. by JaePlease & J.Stevens)
02.Gossip (prod. by JaePlease & J.Stevens)
03.I Ain't Seen Nothin (prod. by Major Music)
04.Pocketbook feat. Trinidad James (prod. by Magnificent)
05.Just Another Day feat. Juelz Santana (prod. by JaePlease & C-Ray)
06.New To Me (prod. by Shoddy)
07.Top Down feat. A. Layne (prod. by Goonie Tunes)
08.Emotionally Unavailable (prod. Deatoni Parks)
09.Bullshit (prod. Rex Rideout & J.Rilla)
10.You Fucked Up
11.Good Outweights The Bad (prod. JaePlease & J.Stevens)