Sunday, January 6

Tex James - Lookin For The Twerkers

01. Tex James - Drop [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] (3:33)
02. Tex James - Go Crazy (Feat. Hurricane Chris & Yung Tone) [Prod. By Mr. Hanky & Collipark] (3:17)
03. Tex James - Ratchet [Prod. By Scotty Boy] (4:02)
04. Tex James - On My High (Feat. Solace) [Prod. By Krispy Kreme] (4:07)
05. Tex James - She Know [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] (3:06)
06. Tex James - Sweet Brown (Feat. Jose Guapo & Translee) [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] (3:40)
07. Tex James - Bussin Bandz (Feat. K. Camp) [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] (3:46)
08. Tex James - Beat That (Feat. Baby Boy) [Prod. By Mark On Tha Track] (3:25)
09. Tex James - How We Party (Feat. Ying Yang Twins) [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] (3:32)
10. Tex James - They For Errrbody (Feat. Youngest B Charge) [Prod. By Scotty Boy] (3:29)
11. Tex James - Smart Girl Remix (Feat. B.O.B, Stuey Rock & Ying Yang Twins) [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] (4:12)

Short Dawg – Southern Flame Spitta 5 (Hosted By Don Cannon)

01. You Know I’m Fresh (Feat. Bun B)
02. Gettin’ Cash Era (Feat. MC Beezy)
03. Pray 2 God (Feat. Silverbacc)
04. Money On Da Flow Freestyle
05. Dopeboyz And Stripperz (Feat. Cik)
06. Thug Lyfe
07. Fly Function
08. 5AM (Feat. Yayboy And Vain)
09. So Fresh, So Clean
10. Need Sum Luvin’
11. Anotha LB
12. Bytch’s N Ho’s (Feat. Gudda Gudda)
13. Bout It
14. Fantastic (Feat. Ab-Soul)
15. The Macc
16. Refill Freestyle
17. Luccy Azz Freestyle

Kanye West – Freshmen Adjustment 2 (2005)

01. Intro (Feat. John Legend)
02. We Can’t Tell
03. Half Price
04. A Million
05. Excuse Me Miss (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z)
06. Would You Like to Ride (Feat. Malik Yusef And Common)
07. On 10 in A Benz (Feat. Rhymefest)
08. The Roc in Here
09. Overreact (Feat. Consequence)
10. Changing Lanes (Feat. Chops)
11. I Met Oprah
12. My Girlfriend
13. Last Night
14. Wack Niggaz Pt.2 (Feat. Common, Consequence, And Talib Kweli)
15. Neva Gon Stop Me (Feat. the Go Getters)
16. Together They’re Tens
17. Girls Girls Girls (Re-Remix)
18. Self Conscious (Poetry Style)
19. 03′ Til Infinity (Feat. Consequence)
20. Better than Yours (Feat. Common)
21. Outro

Young Cypher - Something (Prod. Ricky Racks)

Dripped Up 4 now coming 1/15.

Juxx Diamondz - Don't F_@K Wit Me

Andrew Barber: A Q & A With the Creator of Fake Shore Drive

Pics courtesy of Andrew Barber
In many ways Andrew Barber is living every die hard Hip-Hop fans's dream. Not only does his musical opinion matter, he's managed to turn it into his full time job. When he created, he turned a labor of love into what might be Mid-Western Hip-Hop's biggest proponent. A true Hip-Hop head, and a self professed "Rap nerd," Barber was ahead of the curve when it came to many of the Chicago artists who are now attaining national prominence. This hasn't gone unnoticed, and now people are starting to wonder who Andrew Barber is, so we did a quick Q & A with him.

Who do you think is the most underrated Chicago artist?
There are so many, but I think Tree is one of the most underrated in Chicago. But Tree is finally starting to get a lot of blog and critic love nationwide, so now people need to check for his crew, Project Mayhem. I've always loved their sound. 

What are your predictions for Bump J's career when he's released?
Bump will always have a shot. His impact was too big. His force was too major. He was so revered here that he'll always have a fan base, but as with any emcee, eventually your fan base grows up. Bump's core fan base is now in their late 20s and early 30s, but I think they're loyal enough to ride with him. It all depends on his release date as well. If he's out in six months, he's right back in the mix, and I truly believe someone like Kanye West or No I.D. would be waiting right there to scoop him up. If he still has five more years, that's a different story. But he could easily slide into a talent scout or managerial role. Bump's a smart dude. But to let the rumor mill tell it, we'll be hearing some new Bump music sooner than later. Perhaps on a large scale. 

Bodi Deeder & Blanco Caine – V-12 Muzik: Director’s Cut

Tommie - Dream Big

01. Tommie - Seventy-Six Cents (2:30)
02. Tommie - Nothing To Something (3:07)
03. Tommie - Kick Rap (2:52)
04. Tommie - Inspired By Manhattan (3:12)
05. Tommie - Shake Something (2:51)
06. Tommie - Gotta Get This Money (3:32)
07. Tommie - One For Life (2:56)
08. Tommie - Price Of Fame (3:02)
09. Tommie Feat. Rasa Don - Greatest (2:47)
10. Tommie - King (3:17)
11. Tommie - That's What She Said (3:15)
12. Tommie - Me & My Arizona (3:17)
13. Tommie - A Few Words (3:15)
14. Tommie - Real Recognize Real (2:31)

KE On The Track - EDM Nation 2


01. KE On The Track - Intro (1:36)
02. KE On The Track - Flex Squad (2:13)
03. KE On The Track - Dark Side (Feat. Future) (2:13)
04. KE On The Track - Get Money (3:00)
05. KE On The Track - Time Of Your Life (Feat. Kid Ink) (3:38)
06. KE On The Track - 10 Toes Down (3:02)
07. KE On The Track - That Somebody (2:35)

XVII & Bohagon - The Kuntry Klub


01. XVII & Bohagon - Trap Like I'm Broke (5:01)
02. XVII & Bohagon - Look How I'm Rockin' (Feat. Dub-G) (4:24)
03. XVII & Bohagon - Fareal (Feat. Young Iceberg & RYP) (3:49)
04. XVII & Bohagon - Try Me (Feat. Rod Leander) (3:07)
05. XVII & Bohagon - Donk (Feat. Young Iceberg) (4:36)
06. XVII & Bohagon - Country Rap Shit (3:40)
07. XVII & Bohagon - Pull Up (4:08)
08. XVII & Bohagon - Taking Pictures (Feat. LoLo) (3:54)
09. XVII & Bohagon - Hit Da Slab (4:43)
10. XVII & Bohagon - Comin' Down (Feat. Young Iceberg) (4:18)
11. XVII & Bohagon - What's Up (3:16)

Proper DaDon - I'm Thrown [Prod. Torcha]

Slutty Boyz - Happy Dew Year

1.Slutty Boyz-Happy Dew Year
2.Slutty Boyz-Ready Set Go
3.Slutty Boyz-Loyalty
4.Slutty Boyz Fat Trel-Rollin
5.Slutty Boyz-Like A Batch
6.Slutty Boyz-Embarrassin
7.Slutty Boyz Feat Lightshow Chief Keef-Cash
8.Slutty Boyz-My Niggas
9.Slutty Boyz-Shyt Ain t Bout Nuffin
10.Slutty Boyz-Next Up Give Dat Neck Up
11.Slutty Boyz-I m Da Shyt
12.Slutty Boyz Feat Slutty T33-Roll