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Java Starr Interview

Java Starr’s “Troubled Waters” boasts features from Hip Hop Legends such as Scarface, Too Short, Twista, Yuk Mouth and Do Or Die and Production by The Legendary Traxster. He's with the Devin The Dude affiliated CBN (Coughee Brothaz North) & has quite the interesting background. After seeing everything from prison to college football, Java is one of those artists who not only uses their music to tell their story, but also make it relatable. We chopped it up with Java and discussed these experiences, his experiences in Hip-Hop, his album & more.

When you first started rapping did people tell you that a Minnesota artist would never make it? What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Minnesota?

No. I have never been told that. We all knew it would be a challenge to get on the scene but the talent level in Minnesota is huge and people are very active within the TC (Twin Cities) music community. 

How'd you link up with the Coughee Brothaz and who/what does CB North consist of?

I linked up with Devin the Dude and The Coughee Bros. after we met at a show in Minneapolis. Myself, Drissola & Dream went to Houston to do a couple tracks & have been working with each other ever since then. Devin decided to make a branch of the Coughee Bros., which consists of Lyru, Green Giant, Drissola, Chief Dream & Myself... "Coughee Brothaz North"

You've worked with Too Short at least twice, how'd that come about, & any good stories? Did y'all ever discuss women?

The Too Short project came thru us working with Cory Mo a producer for UGK. We had a song we knew Short would kill, Cory linked us, I flew to LA & got in the Studio with Short & Richie Rich. We definitely partied that night but I'm not telling any stories.

Who has the best and worst Smoking Etiquette of the Brothaz and where does Devin rank?

Devin has the best smoking etiquette and Coughee Brotha Rum has the worst. (Somehow I find it vastly reassuring that Devin is a conscientious and polite smoker. -@drankanddank)

For those not in the know what is "South Park Weed," why'd you make a song about it?

Haha....If your referring to the Skits, this came about from just being in Colorado and being a fan of the show. Weeds now Legal! So It seemed appropriate to include some of "South Parks" funniest moments.

"Make You Moan" is my favorite song on Troubled Waters. have others told you that, and what's yours?

Yea I've been told by a few people that "Moan" was a favorite.....My personal Fav is "My City" and "Pre-Rolls"

You just dropped a video with Yukmouth & Twista which I felt captured the dichotomy of good people who do bad things. What advice would you give to a lost individual?    

MY advice to a Lost individual is stay focused on something positive & always keep Respect and Honor in everything you do.

What's a specific memory of prison that still stands out to you? Did you learn more there or in college?

Lol, there were some pretty good fights in Prison! I learned more about myself in Prison and more about people in College. Both experiences helped shape me into the person I am today. #Coughee!

You were a college football player, would you rather win a Grammy or the Super Bowl?

Hands down....SuperBowl! I love music but have a Passion for Football.

Where does a label deal rank on your list of goals?

I honestly haven't thought too much about a label deal. I'm primarily focused on just making good music that people can vibe to.

In 2013 what's something you love and something you hate about today's Hip-Hop?

In 2013 I love the fact that real street shit is coming back! I hate the fact that HipHop is being defined by "Reality" shows nowadays..

RoGizz x Jules Esquire - Self Love Project (EP)

RoGizz returns with fresh material on Valentine's Day titled "Self Love Project".  For this musical offering, he collaborates with Jules Esquire on the vocals while S.C. the Great handles the majority of the production.  Streety Wonder also contributes beat duties on the joint "If I Only Knew". This is a soul fused, introspective collaboration that explores the complexity of Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Short film of the same title coming soon...

Check out his alter ego "Black Blago" March 10 appearing on SHADE 45 G-UNIT RADIO Big Sundays w/ Miss Mimi and performing at the Coast 2 Coast SXSW Showcase on March 15.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=4e0e50&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Brooke Valentine ft. Scarface - Don't Wanna Be In Love (Remix)

Que Tha Truth X Nussie - #RippedDatBitch

The DJ Dow Jones hosted Screwface coming soon

DiamondznwooD Launch Party (Dallas) linked up with the #COOLCLUBTOUR to celebrate their one year anniversary and the launch of the new site layout. The event took place 1/26/13 at Sandaga813 in Dallas, TX. There were performances from ScottyATL, SL Jones, Lil Pooh, Zavey, iNDEED, LOEGz, Fast Ronald & Slick as well as DJ Burn One & Dj Dow Jones on the 1s and 2s. TEAM DNW's Nita' Jai also had the chance to catch up with a few of the artists backstage. Here's the recap.

Murdah Baby - Everyday A Bag Of Money

2.They Wanna See Me Go
3.Mami Fuck Wit Gangstas ft Superstar K
4.Shit Fucked Up ft Sam Scarfo
5.Push The Button ft Dramatic July Prod By ArabMuzik
6.The Trillest Prod By RED
7.Good Girl Gone Bad - Murdahbaby ft. Sha Money
8.Upnorth Wave Prod By MBlaze (PifStars)
9.Double Cup Prod By JusIce
10.Right Awat ft Sam Scarfo
11.Obama Murdah
12.God Forgive I Dont

Czar - Hands On The Wheel (Freestyle)

C-Class - DJ Suss One Freestyle

Hologram AKA Jay Steele ft. Action Bronson - Put It In Your Mouth (Valentines Day Remix)

Young Throwback - Secret Sauce

01. Young Throwback - Get Money (Feat. Pain) (5:47)
02. Young Throwback - T.R.U. (2:31)
03. Young Throwback - Out On Bond (2:58)
04. Young Throwback - Clappin' (Feat. Maserati Muzik) (3:55)
05. Young Throwback - Finesse (Feat. Kollosus) (3:12)
06. Young Throwback - Brick Fair (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Q.T.) (4:10)
07. Young Throwback - Texas 2 Georgia (Feat. Pain & Geoff) (2:58)
08. Young Throwback - Smoke 1 [Prod. By Zaytoven] (2:01)
09. Young Throwback - Saucin' On 'Em [Prod. By Jimmy Neutron] (2:54)
10. Young Throwback - Red Bottoms [Prod. By Yung Coke] (2:58)
11. Young Throwback - Tear It Up (3:03)

Si-Notes - Have Fun

Dj Scream & Dj Winn - Radio 20

Rellik - King Of The Backwoods

01. Rellik - King Of The Backwoods (3:55)
02. Rellik - DJ Big House Speaks (0:48)
03. Rellik - Gutta Boy (3:45)
04. Rellik - Never Seen It B4 (3:39)
05. Rellik - Fried Chicken (3:35)
06. Rellik - Get It In (Feat. Kene Wayne) (3:15)
07. Rellik - Mo' Money (Feat. Kaoz & Jayrowe) (4:32)
08. Rellik - Let'em Go (Feat. Rich Boy) (4:51)
09. Rellik - Super Bad Chick (5:37)
10. Rellik - Big Dawgs (4:28)
11. Rellik - English (Feat. Heartbeatz) (3:22)
12. Rellik - Batman (3:18)
13. Rellik - Let Me Do Me (4:46)
14. Rellik - DJ Big House Speaks (0:45)

Folkz - Sippin Codeine

I was "Sippin' Codeine" in 2006...2005...can't really remember. Actually, now that I think about it, I tried it back in 1999 when I was 14 or 15 too but never really got into it heavy. This is not a new thing for me. Currently a lot of rappers are making music about Codeine and other drugs, Molly especially, but this seems to be new for them. The Slumdogg is very well versed in the art form of the opiate, and although I'm chillin nowadays, this is not and never was a "trend" for me, never something to "be hip or cool."
I wanted to write a song where the beat and lyrics sounded like the experience of codeine and other opiates. As far as the hook, who better to sample than Mike Jones and Pimp C, borrowing from their classic "Pourin' Up."
The beat has some elements in it from Japanese meditation singing and some dirty east coast drums, to the industrial sounding metal-hit percussion in the hook.
All the scratching in the 3rd verse at the end of the song was performed by yours truly, the Slumdogg. I never told y'all I'm a DJ too?

Q Will & 2 Tone ft. Trademark Da Skydiver - The Flames & Planes (Video BTS + Q & A)

Qwill & 2 Tone are 2 Austin Rappers from the Die Slo label, which has been garnering a substantial amount of regional success & some national attention lately. The duo recently released a song featuring Trademark, which they're preparing to release a video for. D & D chopped it up with them briefly about the song. Look out for Beautiful Music 2 coming soon & the video will be dropping 2/15.

Do you think you would smoke more, less, or the same if weed was legal?
2Tone: Honestly I think I would initially smoke more for the simple fact that it would become more available, but in the end after a couple of weeks I believe I would smoke about the same. Hell, we already burning trees like they legal anyways.

Qwill: Smoking is just a habit so probably about the same. If weed was legal here in Texas I'd be plotting on opening my own dispensary to get paid

How did y'all working with Trademark come about?
2Tone: We honestly ran into him after a show of theirs (JETS) at a SXSW showcase for the Smoker's Club. After the show we ran into them in the street outside the venue, and just began chopping it up and joking around with them. Eventually one thing led to another and before we knew it, we were driving to where they were staying in Austin during SXSW to smoke and collab on a track.

Qwill: We met him during SXSW 2011 and got the opportunity to do some things a while after that. I was really a fan before we got the chance so I felt it was a blessing. Also just another step towards our ultimate goal of making our own name, gathering fans, respect nationally and eventually internationally as individual artists and for Die Slo Entertainment, Beautiful Music 2 coming soon to a speaker near you.

Qwill, why do you feel you came through the ashes? What did you mean by that? 
 When I say came through the ashes it means you haven't had a easy life. No silver spoons, no handouts. You know what the grind is, to work for what you have. You know what it's like to try and fail. Deal with hardship, adversity, and situations life might throw at you. That's my definition of coming from the ashes and that's what I've been able to do and will continue doing.

Boxed minds get swept often/Under the footsteps of monsters/ is a catchy statement. What are the characteristics of a boxed mind? 
2Tone: A boxed mind, is someone who refuses to look at things from a different perspective than their own. And their arrogance & ignorance only puts a restraint and limitation on their potential. A closed mind if you will, one unable to think outside the box.

Beautiful Music cover art
Click to Listen or DL, Part 2 coming soon.