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Don Mega - Boss Up Or Get Bossed Around Vol 1: Trap Edition

2.Staying Lifted (feat. F.D.T.)
3.Murda (feat. Waka Flocka, Chief Keef, Bo Deal)
4.I'm Dope (Cookin) (feat. Money Mou$e)
5.Anytime You Ready (feat. Gucci Mane Birdman)
6.What They Gon Do Wit Me (feat. Streets)
7.How I'm Livin (feat. Foe Pesci)
8.Death Of Me (feat. Waka Flocka)
9.Cant Interfere Wit My Money (feat. Gucci Mane, OG Boo Dirty)
10.Money Machine (feat. Streets)
11.Hood Rich (feat. Waka Flocka)
12.36 O's (feat. Streets)
13.Anything But Broke (feat. Waka Flocka, French Montana, Frenchie)
14.Real Recognize Real (Feat. Waka Flocka)
15.Box Out (feat. Cheezy The Don, Young Cashflow)
16.Stretch Dollas (feat. GOD Emcee)
17.Pistol In The Party (feat. Gucci Mane)
18.Nike Shit (feat. Foe Pesci)
19.Fuck Niggas (feat. Young Cashflow)
20.Servin (feat. Gucci Mane)
21.Who I'm Is (feat. Black Blago Nemesis)
22.Coke City Faded (feat. Timy Tats)
23.Hold Up (feat. Rich Fella, Realza Red)

DJ Wally Sparks & 9th Wonder - Pat's Soul Shack

01. ForteBowie - 3,000 (3:23)
02. 9th Wonder - 9th Wonder Speaks (0:14)
03. Erykah Badu - Honey (2:14)
04. Terrace Martin - Never Stop Loving You (3:04)
05. Monica Feat. Joe Scudda - So Gone (9th Wonder's Dedication To The Moon Because It's Black Remix) (4:05)
06. Tyler Woods - De Listen Jam (2:33)
07. Jean Grae - Love Thirst (3:13)
08. Rapsody - Lemme Think (2:38)
09. Destiny's Child - Girl (1:47)
10. John Legend Feat. Rene & Angela - Used To Love You (9th Wonder's Playmates Imagining Remix) (1:35)
11. Mary J. Blige - Good Woman Down (2:08)
12. 9th Wonder Feat. Phonte, Terrace Martin, Bird & The Midnight Falcons - One Night (2:54)
13. Robert Glasper Feat. Erykah Badu & Phonte - Afro Blue (9th Wonder's Blue Light Basement Remix) (3:19)
14. Kevin Cossum - The Recipe (Unreleased) (2:16)
15. Babyface - Grown & Sexy (9th Wonder's Please Talk To Me Remix) (3:08)
16. Musiq Soulchild - Caught Up (9th Wonder Remix) (2:36)
17. Tyler Woods Feat. Talib Kweli - Ms. Diva (3:38)
18. Heather Victoria - Tore My Head Up (2:37)
19. Heather Victoria - Time Is The Teacher (3:18)
20. Destiny's Child - Is She The Reason (2:39)
21. Beyonce Feat. Donna Summer - Naughty Girl (9th Wonder's Hip Hop Remix) (2:31)
22. Erykah Badu Feat. Rapsody - 20 Feet Tall (9th Wonder Remix) (3:34)

Tony Stanza - This Aint Rap

Gabe Parker - BBB (Big Booty B*tches)

Yodi Da Hustler - Blowin

Mexico Rann ft. French Montana - Down & Out

SON SIG ft. 808 STAKS - Kobe (Freestyle)

Dorrough Music ft. Juicy J - Drugs In Da Club

PT Primetime ft. Zilla - Thoughts Of A Leader

Miilkbone Interview

Thomas Wlodarczyk, better known Miilkbone, is an affiliate of Naughty by Nature, who signed a record deal with Capitol Records in 1994. He then released his debut album, Da' Miilkrate on June 21, 1995. The album featured two singles which became  hits on the rap charts. After a four year hiatus, Miilkbone resurfaced in 1999, appearing on Death Row Records' Chronic 2000 compilation. One of a long line of white rappers, Miilkbone acts as a link between early Caucasian rappers such as 3rd Bass and later artists such as Eminem. Miilkbone grew up in the Delaney Projects of Perth Amboy, NJ, a rough-and-tumble neighborhood that influenced much of his work. Miilk had success with his debut single "Keep It Real" as well as "Where'z Da Party At?," which featured a cameo by Notorious B.I.G. His debut album Miilkcrate, however, was a commercial disappointment (label related.) Miilk laid low for nearly six years until the Chronic 2000 album. He then released  U Got Miilk? independently, and for 11 years wasn't heard from until recently. As he prepares to throw his hat in the ring again, D & D did an e-mail interview with him.

You've recently become active in music again, any particular reason for now? How do you feel about today's Hip-Hop?  
I haven't written a musical word in over 11 years. The last deal I had left a bad taste in my mouth for the industry. Even though it was always bubblin inside me, I said fuck it I'll just settle down wit wife and raise kids and pretend to be normal. Then shit didn't work out. Feels like it was meant to be this way. I used to not even listen to hot tracks cause I would start coming up with lines and had to catch myself asking the "what ifs"?

Today's hip-hop is just like everything else in life. A result of change. In my opinion, lyrical content was beginning to slack before this big wave of Trap music and the Southern era. Nobody was being original anymore so peoples ears turned to something different. Can't hate on originality and change. I don't really fuck with too many of these artists that I can bob my head to when they spit. My 9 year old writes better than 80% of  'em. Meek is probably the only one that gets my vote as real hip-hop. He texted ME giving me love, as soon as I recorded my first joint since my return. That's my dude.

You have a project coming out with DJ Doo Whop, can you tell us about it and what his contributions will be?
 Wop and I are doing a Mixtape together. He's hosting it and we're getting a duet . I did over 50 songs in 7 months so I have plenty to choose from. Got mad collabs wit some real cats spittin real life feelings to bring shit back to the street corners. Got joints wit KRS-1 and a smash with Black Rob which is gonna wake a lot of sleepers up.

Do you think your career to this point would be any more or less successful if you weren't White?
At this point , not at all. That's the one good part of the time gone by. No color awareness. Hot music is hot music even if your purple. Of course you still got the ignorant ones, but that will be the case til the earth stops spinning.

Other than yourself what White rapper have you listened to the most &/or have the most respect for their skills?
Obviously the beef wit me and Eminem was there, but that boy is by far is the illest. Rich Quick and Skrewtape got my vote also. I have a bunch of white dudes on deck that write better or are just as hot as the rest.

What exactly was the nature of your ties with Naughty By Nature? How did you meet and introduce your music to them?
I used to record cassette tape sessions with Biz Markie, Cool V and backspin. We did it 2 times a week and every session had new mc's. Tapes would circulate and if you didn't get the vote to return, you wouldn't be there the next time. One day I'm home sick, and I get a call from James "Pookie" Gist. That's Kay Gee's brother, asking me if I wanted to join the camp. Fuck yeah I want in.
Was Treach your conduit to Death Row? How did your affiliation with them begin?
Nah when I did the Death Row compilation, the Capital deal had already fell apart. Cats think I fell off, but the real situation is Capitals Urban dept. was new and didn't know what the fuck they were doing. So they collapsed, not me. Eminem dissin me was the conduit to Death Row, nothing else.

Do you think New Jersey gets the respect it deserves in Hip-Hop?
I absolutely do. Its just the new wave that's about to die, and the return of EAST COAST spittin is back. NJ didn't go anywhere. We were just watching. So was NY. We let the world spin and wait for it to evolve back home.

Could you explain to some of our younger readers the differences in recording a song today as compared to 1994?
If I had to select a difference, it would simply be SONG FORMAT. but even in '94, songs needed structure. Some people still cant even count bars today. Besides that, your songs need content. Say suttin when you write suttin, microphone check 1-2 ain't selling records.

What happened to Kandy Kane?
That's my favorite lady in the booth. I don't know what she's up to. BUT THEN AGAIN I'm the one that went into hibernation. little by little everybody coming back to the circle though. Hopefully she'll get at me. If not for music, just cause we're friends.
Are you still active in bodybuilding? 
I was never BODYBUILDING..I was just workin out. Since I got back in the music I haven't really had the time as I did. I just eat healthy and try to maintain my cardio. 

Are you surprised when you go online and see that there's so much interest in you and your music?
Hell yeah, its what kept me getting more n more hungry for this.

To this point what's your biggest regret in music and is it your biggest life regret?
My biggest regret in music is on my previous deals, not taking more control of my own projects. I'm a real passive person so I like to rely on people and their opinions. Even though I been doing this before they even heard of rap.
I don't have regrets in life. Everything is always the way its supposed to be. I used regret not going to see my father one weekend, and it was the same weekend he died from out of nowhere of a heart attack. But acceptance is the key to understanding.

Going forward where's the best place for fans to interact with you and discover your music online?
Right now, I dont' fuck with twitter to tough. Hit me on Facebook at Miilk Bone and all my joints are on you tube @ Miilkbone1,correction most of'em are. Gotta keep the heat rocks in the vault for now...lol

ST 2 Lettaz ft. Mic Strange and Jackie Chain - S.H.E.