Wednesday, March 13

A-Kaza ft. Just Brittany, Yung Moo & Lil Flip - Rakkz In My Pocket

Philmore Greene - My Neighbor (Dir. Josh Martin)

He.llsent - Fresh

P Killa ft. Tone Skeeta - What's Popin

How To Freak/Champ A Black & Mild

1. Roll the Black & Mild cigar in between your hands applying a low amount of pressure to the cigar; but enough to loosen up the tobacco inside.
2. Use your fingers and feel around the Black & Mild to make sure the tobacco is loose inside.
3. Now pull off the plastic, but not all the way.
4. Pull the Black & Mild out little by little while at the same time rolling or tapping the tobacco out of the cigar into the plastic wrapper. *Consult the Tips*
5. Once you've emptied most of the tobacco out of the Black & Mild you want to grip the finger width of tobacco you left in the top, and twist the plastic tip until you feel it come loose from the paper; then wiggle it off and remove the rest of the tobacco into the wrapper.
6. Take the empty paper and roll it with your finger tips lightly until you can grab and remove the filter paper inside with your finger tips or nails.
7. Now put the plastic tip back on.
8. Begin to fill the paper with the tobacco you emptied earlier into the plastic wrapper. As you fill the paper up, every so often tap the plastic tip on a hard object or use a pen bottom to pack the tobacco back into the paper.
9. When full and packed, remove the plastic tip from the Black & Mild once more and clear the tobacco from the tip by blowing through it. Then lightly shake the end of the Black & Mild to empty the loose tobacco so that when inhaling you don't inhale loose pieces of tobacco.
10. Place the plastic tip back on the Black & Mild and enjoy.

You don't have to remove the plastic tip from the end of the cigar.
Hold the Black & Mild closest to the packing point if using a pen bottom to avoid tearing or bending the paper.
Make sure not to tear the plastic wrapper too far or past the Black & Mild logo on the plastic wrapper.
When putting the plastic tip back on make sure not to push too hard as to bend or tear the paper.
To make it easier to get the tip off, empty all of the tobacco out up until a finger width below the tip so that you have something to hold while removing the tip.