Tuesday, April 2

Pop-A-Lot ft. SL Jones - Side Up (Prod. Beat G33ks)

This is the first single from D & D's next release An Interpretation of Pop Music.

Honey Cocaine – Thug Love (Hosted By DJ Carisma)

01. Outta Pocket (Intro)
02. Money Murderer [Prod. By Dkevrim]
03. Brooklyn To Compton [Prod. By Dkevrim]
04. Middle Finger [Prod. By Dkevrim]
05. Chichi Get The Yayo [Prod. By Dkevrim]
06. Really Really [Prod. By Dkevrim]
07. Bullet 4 U [Prod. By Dkevrim]
08. Heartache (Skit)
09. Until It Hurt [Prod. By Dkevrim
10. A Little Ham [Prod. By Dkevrim]
11. Bad Gal [Prod. By Dkevrim]
12. Runaway Bride [Prod. By Dkevrim]
13. All White Choppa [Prod. By Dkevrim]
14. Fake As Fuck (Skit)
15. Hold Some Nuts [Prod. By Dkevrim]
16. Me N My Toolie [Prod. By Dkevrim]
17. That Wonton [Prod. By Dkevrim]
18. Don’t Push Me [Prod. By Dkevrim]
19. Asians On The Map [Prod. By Dkevrim]
20. No Grind No Pain [Prod. By Dkevrim]
21. Hold It Down (Outro)
22. Icey Bitch [Prod. By Dkevrim]

Young Roddy – Good Sense II

Raheem DeVaughn Presents: Georgia Reign - Jackin 4 Beats

HER Story | Stephanie Bradley-Blue: On Not Letting A Life Setback Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Harmony Muzik - Taerkey Bacon

2 Tone & Q.Will - Beautiful Music 2

Beautiful Music 2 cover art

1.Intro To Beautiful Music 2 Ft. Jaa Soul (Prod. by Chamothy The Great) 02:25
2.Ha Ha (Prod. by Da Bosnian) 03:38
3.On/Off Sumthin Ft. King Kase (Prod. by Reggie Coby) 03:29
4.Too Late Ft. Deezie Fresh (Prod. by Da Bosnian) 02:37
5.Sob Stories Ft. Chamothy The Great & Michael Geoffreys (Prod. by Chamothy The Great) 05:08
6.I'm Good Ft. Sertified & Chamothy The Great (Prod. by Chamothy The Great) 03:55
7 Ladies Night Ft. Fiend (Prod. by Cory Kendrix) 04:06
8.The Flame & Planes Ft. Trademark Da Skydiver (Prod. by Chamothy The Great) 05:50
9.Aww Shit (Prod. by Ocky Goodsounds)   03:26
11.Free Agents (Prod. by Cory Kendrix) 02:43
12.Respected Ft. Lil Jay (Prod. by Cory Kendrix)  03:42
13.Amour Ft. Kydd (Prod. by Kydd)  04:04
14.Last Song Ft. Cory Kendrix & JR The A.R. (Prod. by Cory Kendrix) 04:31
15.Exit Wounds Ft. Mex & Reggie Coby (Prod. by Reggie Coby) 04:02

Shoota - PROTECT YA NECK (Freestyle)