Sunday, April 14

Coldway - Too Much To Drink

DJ Keysha - We Keep It Trill Vol. 2

1.Dstaff - Mayday
2.Murdah Baby Ft Boston Bullet - TLS Upnorth (Freestyle)
3.Sour Collorone Ft Zae The Godd - Forgiato
4.Murdah Baby - Charge It To The Game
5.Zae The Godd - Patrick Ewing
6.Young Riot - Dont do it at all (produced by Jizzlemusik)
7.CaLi Ft Montana MaX - Doubt it
8.Qmoney - Cant Trust These Niggas
9.Young Drama - Money On My Mind ( Prod. By Lee Da Rockstar)
10.Official Synn ft Rezz Vokalz , Radar & Zae The Godd - Welcome 2 My City (Prod. By Downtown Music)
11.J.R. - I'm Right Here (Quit Playin)
12.Gucci Mane Ft Rocko & T.I. - Plain Jane (Remix)
13.Zae The Godd feat Jay Nixxo - Hobby
14.Louie V Gutta ft Meek Mill - Super Fucking Cool
15.Cashtalk - Dope Game
16.Renny Bee Ft Juice - U Dont Know (Prod By Labo93420)
17.Tankone- Slow Burn
18.Murdah Baby - Down
19.Slic Vic - Home Sweet Home
20.Montana MaX - Our Life
21.Bizeeee - Breeze - Pop - After Dem Caperz
22.Tankone - The Bottom
23.Renny Bee Ft Quikz - Trappin Hard
24.Parkway Mark - All i know is GO
25.DiesmAe Ft. Billy Snubbs - Triple Double
26.Dstaff - One Of A Kind
27.Nicki Minaj Ft Lil Wayne - High School

Samhoody Radio - The PIE-RX Edition (Host @WaxFase)

C DotBush - There He Go ft. TheProDeuser (Prod. TheProDeuser)

Young Cypher - F*ckin Problem Freestyle (Live @TheCousinsNBigg Radio Show)