Friday, April 19

DJ Discipline ft Mookie Jones & Lo Thraxx - Smokin Weed (Prod. HeartBeatz)

GSI Boyz x DJ Lazy K - 13 And Half

Onis - You Get It

Arizona Fatz & Juda Starr - HOW TO ROLL A CALIZONA BLUNT

The Kid Daytona – Runnin’ With The Bulls


01. Sam Bowie (Prod. by DJ O-Zone & Wes P Beats)
02. No Reason (Prod. by 183rd Music)
03. DREAMIN' (Prod. by Marcè Reazon)
04. You Got Me Fucked Up Ft. Chance The Rapper (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
05. Rosè Only Ft. Calliko (Prod. by DJ O-Zone & Wes P Beats)
06. Like This Ft. GLC (Prod. by nVMe)
07. Bass Leanin (Prod by. ILL BROWN)
08. Blue & Cream Ft. YP (Prod. by 4nominal)
09. Isley (Prod. by Al Dilla)
10. Remember Me Ft. Broadway (Prod. by Yungstar)
 11. Why You Wanna Do That Ft. Naledge & JDott Trife

The Kid Daytona hit the Midwest for some shows - Chicago, Bloomington, and Ohio. While on the tour in December, he met DJ/Producer and tastemaker - Dj Ozone, and the two discussed working on some music. Daytona has always had deep roots and love in the Chicago area, and has always felt a bond with the talent coming from the Midwest - from KNAWLEDGE, CHUCK ENGLISH, YP, CHANCE THE RAPPER, GLC, BROADWAY, ILL BROWN, and others. The fruits of that experience spawned forth Daytona's latest project "Runnin With The Bulls".

Uptown XO ft. ABthePro - Evolution

SL Jones - Flexin N Finessin