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Lil Mook ft. Doe B - Justin Bieber (Prod. By Slash Major)


Murdah Baby - Who The Fuck Is Murdah Baby 7 #Wtfimb7

Bandman Kevo - All Foreign

French Montana ft. Snoop Dogg, Ace Hood, Scarface, Mavado & DJ Khaled – Fuck What Happen Tonight

Rich Boy ft. Big Gada - Murder Scene

Ice Berg - Be Great

Chase Dreamz Interview

Your start in rapping has been tied to hearing the "Ruff Ryders Anthem," who played it for you?

 I was in 5th grade the first time I tried to freestyle. I was on the phone with my boy Jerry when I found DMX's "Rough Rider Anthem" instrumental online. This wasn't the first time I heard rap music, but it was the first time I felt Hip Hop. I started rapping in my head all the time and flowin' with Jerry when we kicked it. Hip Hop has been my outlet ever since.

How did you begin working at Usher's New Look Foundation?

Getting involved with Usher's New Look Foundation was a blessing that came from a near tragedy. During my senior year of high school our door was kicked in at my Mother's house. Three guys held my Mom and Dad at gunpoint for a couple hours while they ransacked the house. The guys were caught a few weeks later, and around the same time Usher reached out to the company my step-father works for. He was looking for support for his non-profit children's foundation at the same time my Mother was looking for a way to help prevent children from getting into situations like the one she had recently experienced. She went downtown (Atlanta) and met with Usher and the rest of the board, told her story and immediately became a board member herself.

W/ Saigon at the #bookbankfoundation ‘s #shelterforthestreetsMy role at New Look was a huge motivation for me to start chasing my dreams. I hosted 6 hour leadership training sessions for youth all around the world in places like Atlanta, London and Hong Kong. The mission is to train youth on four leadership pillars; talent, education, career and service. In doing so I actually trained myself as well and discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Do you feel a music career will help or hinder your efforts at your various philanthropic endeavors?

Both. Ultimately it will help more than it will hinder because, to be frank I plan on making a lot of money through my career and will help a lot of people. I'm very big on philanthropy. On the flip side, I could see children's organizations or something like that having a problem with some of my lyrics. But hey, I can only be me.

Do you think genres hurt music?

Genres don't hurt music, but people that get too caught up in them do. The market has become so saturated and is such a brand battle that sometimes people (artists, fans, and anyone in between) lose sight of authenticity and are caught up in "the latest thing".

Do you think younger people and society in general are as aware of James Dean as they should be?

Not at all. The majority of my friends knew who he was but hadn't seen any of his movies. They need to make a movie, a documentary, something! James Dean was that dude, a rebel without a cause.

What's a fashion no-no for the young James Dean?

Hmm… I don't know man. I have my style and you have yours, I'm not here to judge anyone. Being yourself, expressing your style in a way that shows your individuality; being true to yourself. I love being fresh and rockin' new clothes and Indianapolis (where I'm from) has a Hip Hop and street culture about it that I still want to portray through my style. The way you dress is a reflection of your character and the way you feel and cleanliness is next to Godliness, so I stay clean!

What should we expect from your upcoming album?

My lyrics come from my experiences, past and present. "The Chronicles" is about where I'm at in my life right now-Chasing Dreamz, enjoying the perks of being 22, and partying my @$$ off!!

What's your best and worst experiences performing?

My best experience performing was at Usher's after party in London at the biggest arena in the world, the O2. My homie Dewey da Don performed too and he said to me, "bro this is my first time performing without my team with me".  My reply was, "bro this is my first time performing!" Lol

I have not had a bad experience performing and don't plan to.

Would you ever be a cast member of Love & Hip-Hop?

For sure. I'm putting a new city on Hip Hop's radar, anything that can help bring attention to that is a good thing. To keep it 100, I haven't had a lot of time to watch TV lately so I might not know what to expect, but oh well that's the fun part. 
Another visual from the “Cake” video shoot #handent

Do you think authenticity is something artists owe fans with their music?

Yes and in my opinion without authenticity, you are not an artist. In my music I give you everything- the good, the bad, everything. I don't hold anything back and don't sugar coat my lyrics for anyone. I tell life stories, all my songs are about real experiences past and present.

If Russell Simmons gave you the chance to play one of your songs for him and tell him about yourself what song would you play & what would you tell him?

If I met Russell Simmons today I'd play my song called "Loyalty". I feel like, at this point, that song represents who I am and what I'm about more than any of my other songs. I would then explain to Mr. Simmons that the reason I picked that song instead of one of my more mainstream radio singles was to show him that real Hip Hop is still alive. When it comes to authenticity, that song can't be denied. I would tell him that for the next 3 minutes and four seconds to forget all about dollar signs, numbers and marketing strategies and just listen to my soul speak. I would ask him to reminisce on why he got into Hip Hop in the first place as he's listening to the song. At the end of it I think he'd shake up with me.

Anything you'd like to add?

A HUGE thanks to Drank and Dank for the support! I also want to s/o my OG Glenn Toby, Lisa Patterson, Serge Durand and the rest of the H.A.N.D. team we on our way!!! Check out the "James Dean" and "Cake" videos on youtube and stay tuned for "Life on Repeat". My debut mixtape drops June 4th get ready for "The Chronicles"!!!

Grand Daddy I.U. ft. Sadat X – She Said

Harry Fraud – High Tide EP

1. Rising (Feat. Tech N9ne )
2. Loopy (Feat. Smoke DZA And Chinx Drugz)
3. Tell Em Bout It (Feat. Mistah F.A.B. And Troy Ave)
4. Mean (Feat. French Montana And Action Bronson)
5. Yacht Lash (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt And Riff Raff)

BSBD & SAS ft. Cam’ron & N.O.R.E. – Valley of Kings

DIVINE CIGHT ft. Quentin Miller - Down x Out

Mac Bre-Z - H.B.I.C. (Head Bitch In Charge)

01. Mac Bre-Z - H.B.I.C. Intro (0:55)
02. Mac Bre-Z - Mac Bre-Z (3:58)
03. Mac Bre-Z - Kandi Lady (3:45)
04. Mac Bre-Z - I Can Tell (2:58)
05. Mac Bre-Z - Break Em Off (4:05)
06. Mac Bre-Z - It's Gettin' Cold (Feat. Gucci Mane) (4:38)
07. Mac Bre-Z - Supa Man Honey (4:00)
08. Mac Bre-Z - Dicks (2:38)
09. Mac Bre-Z - N.A.S. (3:51)
10. Mac Bre-Z - When I Step Out (Feat. Ashcan Jones) (3:40)
11. Mac Bre-Z - A To Da D (Feat. Yung Ralph & Lil Mike) (3:45)
12. Mac Bre-Z - We Ain't Rockin' Like Dat (3:19)
13. Mac Bre-Z - Freaky Guy (4:03)
14. Mac Bre-Z - Chef In The Kitchen (3:32)
15. Mac Bre-Z - F*ckwitable (3:40)
16. Mac Bre-Z - What Dat Head Like (3:06)
17. Mac Bre-Z - 81 Bars (5:08)
18. Mac Bre-Z - Yeen Hear Me Huh (4:25)
19. Mac Bre-Z - Louie Bag (3:37)
20. Mac Bre-Z - Westside (3:36)
21. Mac Bre-Z - Dope Man Girlfriend (Feat. Shawty Lo) (3:23)
22. Mac Bre-Z - Radio (2:50)
23. Mac Bre-Z - Boss Bitch (Feat. Ashcan Jones) (3:56)
24. Mac Bre-Z - Pillz Part 2 (Feat. Yung Ralph) (3:42)
25. Mac Bre-Z - In Luv Wit Yo Nigga (Feat. Sig H.B.) (4:34)
26. Mac Bre-Z - Speaks (0:36)
27. Mac Bre-Z - I'm Worth It (3:25)
28. Mac Bre-Z - They Got Me (3:26)
29. Mac Bre-Z - Why They Hatin' On Me (3:40)
30. Mac Bre-Z - Nasty Nigga (3:50)
31. Mac Bre-Z - Show U How 2 Hustle (Feat. Humble G) (2:19)
32. Mac Bre-Z - Go Gurl (Feat. Young Throwback) (3:31)
33. Mac Bre-Z - She Tuff (3:12)
34. Mac Bre-Z - In N Out (Feat. Bola) (4:55)
35. Mac Bre-Z - Money Don't Make Me (4:43)
36. Mac Bre-Z - Outro (1:26)