Friday, May 24

Nature Interview

 Jermaine Baxter, known by fans as Nature, went to school with Nas who first took notice of Baxter's strong rhyming style. A style that seemed to come to the young artist effortlessly. Nature skipped the normal course of demo tapes and moved straight to Clue tapes & features for other artists. The 1997 group the Firm was his next step to fame. Other members of the East Coast supergroup were AZ, Foxy Brown, and Nas. The foursome recorded The Album, which quickly climbed to platinum. In 2000, after stepping away from the Firm, Nature finished the slept on classic solo album, For All Seasons. It was released under Columbia Records. This was after several standout mixtape appearances and a few well received features that were some of the best and most oft quoted of the day. Recently Nature has begun releasing new material again & signed a deal with Deep Concepts Media (DCM.)

Nature is currently working on a free street album for release sometime in the summer of 2013, titled Scrap Paper and talks of collab albums with multiple artists are heavy. He will also release a ‘Best Of’ project with DJ Mickey Knox. His upcoming songs have features from Big Noyd, NORE, Cormega, Ali Vegas, so count on that vintage Queens Sound. Production so far is being handled by the staples of DCMs production camp: Sickness, SupaDave, Concept, Little Vic, Undefined, Skammadix & Velotz. We discussed his upcoming music, 50 Cent's tenure with the BraveHearts, who's a better rapper between Kobe Bryant & Metta World Peace, his chemistry with NORE, & more.

How did your deal with DCM come about?  
After getting to know the DCM team I realized that not only are they a dope production squad, but that they are passionate about my music, my career, and actually wanted to help me get back to where I belong.