Tuesday, August 13

Jae Hall - F.N.W.A

Things change and people move when you have an attitude about yourself and at times it is necessary for people to get the point. Other times you just have to carry yourself a certain way.  For Bronx born rapper Jae Hall, he does both.  Not just focused on being young, fly and flashy, he forces you to read between the lyrics with his clever word play.  Jae Hall believes in the true meaning of hip-hop and he is willing to take NY on his back.
Check out the video for his new single "F.N.W.A" (Fly N*gga With An Attitude)

Grilly x Block Beattaz - My Business

Here is another track from Grilly & the Block Beattaz as they prepare to release their new project, Pour A Player Up next Friday via Live Mixtapes. This one won’t appear on the mixtape. VIA: @Haze_DGB

ZRO - Tripolar

Here is a new EP from Z-Ro that was originally scheduled to drop back in March. Check it out while you can because there’s no telling if this will ever be released officially. 
VIA: @Haze_DGB

Zilla x Dave Luxe - Changes x Talk My Shit (Dave Lux Remixes)