Thursday, September 5

Arlis Michaels - Don't Watch Me Watch Your M*therf*ckin Kids

"I am not a role model , I'm a rapper and a hustler" these are the words of Brooklyn emcee Arlis Michales and the moniker of his new mixtape Don't Watch Me, Watch Your M*therfuckin Kids. Arlis has finally dropped his long awaited mixtape that tells the story of his hustle, the struggles and his zero tolerance for weak minded dudes and goal digging females. With stand out sinles like "B.A.D", "Me & Your BM feat Young Pretty". "Christopher Walken feat Prince Sahmel" and "Ain't No Tellin." Arlis has already started quite the buzz on the internet. Now Arlis drops his full project and shares with fans and media outlets alike the heat he's been sitting on all summer.