Wednesday, November 13

New Music: Shyst Red feat Wale and Kevin Gates "Face Down"

Black Migo Gang's Shyst Red is back with a brand new single "Face Down." On this track Shyst partners with fellow rappers Wale and Kevin Gates on this energetic track that is perfect for the turn up or the strip club. All three lysricist talk about nights to remember and how they like their women. The track is the first single off of Shyst's forthcoming mixtape Black Migo Shyst due next month.
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Barak The Rapper "Skyscrapers" (Video)

Barak The Rapper is back with a visual for the title track of his soon to be released EP Skyscrapers. In this video Barak talks about standing tall and believing in your talent and never giving up. With this mindset Barak is ready to take on all naysayers as he looks to make his mark in the music industry. With production by beatsmith Goldo, paired with Barak's laid back flow makes Skyscrapers a catchy track with a positive message (which is quite refreshing to hear these days) that is not the average stuff you'll hear on the radio from some of the mainstream artist in the game. Staying true to his beliefs Barak has faith in his talent and he knows that at the end of the day he'll stand tall like a Skyscraper. Checkout Barak's new video Skyscrapers here:

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