Friday, August 1

WindChill: The Hawk

"Well damn, that was fast. The southern blog Drank and Dank grabbed ten instrumentals from Mishka's WindChill: A Chicago Instrumental Experience and created WindChill: The Hawk.
Here's what D&D had to say:

I've worked with JNeal and championed him for quite awhile now as we have a mutual close friend Jig Dolla. I saw that JNeal played his WindChill song via a Soundcloud activity FB status update. Since I'm pretty familiar with his music, I hadn't heard of that song and hit the link to check it out. The project immediately caught my eye because of a familiarity with a lot of the producers. As a fan, I'm well aware of Blended Babies & The O'My's. The name escapes me but Blended Babies had an outstanding song with Boldy James. I've had original Tree & JNeal appearances extensively on my site releases and Tree introduced me to Project Mayhem. Through them, I've watched TMTHY TRTL grow and develop. Artists I've worked with have also worked with Saba and DocDaMindbenda has made some appearances on my Dripped Up series and a few other stray projects. I've also seen Thelonius Martin featured extensively on OG Mattress.

There you have it. WindChill in the making. After all, the original title was called Waiting for Rappers. And while none of the producers necessarily signed off on these rhymes over their tracks, it was a free release through Mishka and anyone (including me) can rap over them. Luckily, The Hawk is better than what I would have done on these beats. 

Rapper Zavey makes the most appearances on this half an hour project, with additional vocals from C Dot Bush, Goony Spliff, MonanA MaX, The Prodeuser, Rich Fella, and Victoria Washington. Yeah, a bunch of Down South rappers going in on some fine Chicago instrumentals.

It's crazy to hear vocals over instrumentals that I've hear so many times. Plenty of respect to Drank and Dank for creating something so quickly. These are obviously rappers and artists that never leave the studio, that are constantly surrounded by smoke, writing lines while wrapped up in some headphones.

Hear these dudes rhyme over Tree, BlackKat, JNeal, DocDaMindbenda, THEMpeople, The O'My's, TMTHY TRTL, Blended Babies, and Thelonious Martin. 

The strongest track on here is “Fuggit” by Zavey. “I do what I want like fuggit. We livin' in hell, I'm lookin' for an ice bucket. If I had a genie bottle, wouldn't hesitate to rub it. We started out small like The Indian in the Cupboard.” The track is produced by TMTHY TRTL and it unfortunately made its way near the end of WindChill, but remains one of the strongest instrumentals on the release.

The Hawk closes nicely with Victoria Washington singing over some Thelonious Martin instrumentation. Get familiar and vibe through the rest of your day."