Thursday, July 24

AWAR x Vanderslice ft. Freddie Gibbs - Wake Up Call

From AWAR & Vanderslice’s group project, “The Winning Team.”  

The album is first full-length collaborative effort from the sharp NY lyricist AWAR and heavyweight producer Vanderslice. With each individual’s success on previous projects, Vanderslice “Everything’s Awesome” (where AWAR appears on the title track with Evidence), AWAR “The Laws Of Nature” (Vanderslice produced two tracks and is credited as co-executive producer), both artists have proven to be a formidable force in the new era of cinematic East Coast hip-hop. AWAR & Vanderslice  each have a strong catalogue of releases and a history of working with industry heavyweights, and “The Winning Team” is another collectors item to add to your arsenal. Live Stream / Purchase: