Thursday, May 22

Rich Quick ft. Milton - Love Life

YT Triz - Bad Vibes

Gansta Yungin - Since A Yungin (Hosted By Traps-N-Trunks)

Southeast Slim ft. Lightshow - Now

Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 79

Murdah Baby - Top Drop

Power Naps 0001: G-Side "Statues"

What’s a “power nap”? The fuck you thought it was? Its a 15-20 minute break where you can grab that well needed rest.
This rest includes us taking one great record that we’ve written about and getting some talented folks to flip it and then slide it back through to you. This time we grabbed Madeaux, Mmac, Beewirks, and Rudy Carino to remix G-Side’s “Statue” from their recently released GzIIGodz album. As well the very talented Unkle Luc does special artwork as his newest digital art project 3rd Life Panorama ( ) is live for your view pleasure.

Lil Justen ft. Torch - Life That I'm Livin